The Corsage | 21 Examples + Tips & Interesting facts

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The Corsage | 21 Examples + Tips & Interesting facts

Reading time 8 Minutes

Corsage is placed on groom's blue suit.

The Wedding Corsage

A corsage is a fun element of the wedding. The piece stands out on the groom's jacket! In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about wedding corsages.

What is a corsage?

A corsage is a (floral) piece that people wear on their bodies at a gala, wedding or other formal gathering. It is a small bouquet attached to a suit or dress is attached, or tied around a woman's wrist.

Origin of the corsage

Wearing a corsage is not a new trend; it is a time-honoured tradition that originated in the 18e century. In the past, when a man asked a woman out, it was common for the man to take a corsage and slip it on a woman's wrist. Nowadays, corsages are only worn at formal gatherings.

Types of corsages

In the past, a corsage always consisted of one or more flowers. Nowadays, several 'modern' varieties are available. We discuss some of them.


A traditional corsage consists of one or more small flowers and/or plants tied together to form a mini bouquet.

Corsage with a pink rose and plaster powder to the groom.

Dried flowers

They are popping up everywhere: dried flowers! It's one of the most popular trends right now! They are light and do not wilt, which is why dried flowers are incorporated into a corsage.


A wooden corsage has little in common with a traditional corsage. It is a wooden plate, carved in shape of your choice. The initials or first names of bride and groom are often branded on the corsage.

Making your own corsages

Want to make your own corsages? You can see my first attempt in this little over a minute video. What you need is some flowers. In this case these were dried flowers, some string, pins and scissors.

Who wears a corsage?

You decide who wears a corsage at your wedding. From tradition, the groom wears a corsage on his suit. It is also customary for close relatives, the groomsmen and bridesmaids and the master of ceremonies to wear a corsage. The bride usually does not wear a corsage, but wears the bridal bouquet with it.

Some couples choose to hand out corsages to guests. It looks nice and is also a nice "souvenir" of your day.

Plaster corsages in a man plus explanation.
Plaster corsages in a man plus explanation.

How do you wear a corsage?

How you wear a corsage varies by gender. It is common for men to wear the corsage with the flowers up and stems down and for women to pin the corsage upside down (stems at the top). In both men and women, the corsage is worn on the left side, above the heart. Some women choose to wear the corsage not on the dress, but on the wrist.

Corsage on the bride's wrist.

How do you attach a corsage?

A corsage can be attached in different ways. Most people pin the corsage with a safety pin. It is important to pin the corsage carefully to avoid damaging the clothes or corsage.

A corsage can also be attached with a magnet. This prevents damage to clothing. With this method, make sure the magnet is strong enough to carry the flower arrangement. It's a shame if the corsage starts spinning or falls on the floor.

A wrist corsage is obviously not attached with these materials. These corsages are tied at the wrist with a shiny ribbon, or string.

Tip: arrange back-up materials!

It is wise to buy several pins, magnets and ribbons. That way you can quickly replace a damaged magnet, broken ribbon or lost pin.

bridal bouquet, corsage and throwaway bouquet.

Corsage match decoration and wedding bouquet

The flower types and colours used in a corsage are often matched with the wedding bouquet and the decoration. Do this subtly by incorporating the flowers used in the corsage, also in vases on the table or around the altar.

Bridal couple by a rhododendron.

Traditions and customs

Wearing a corsage is a 300-year-old tradition. The lovely floral scent is said to chase away evil spirits and prevent serious illnesses. Are you into symbolic meanings and traditions? Then read on!

Flower types and meanings

Did you know that each type of flower has its own symbolic meaning? It's nice to take this into account when choosing corsages. Avoid the Scabiosa, for example. The flower looks floral but stands for unhappy love! It is also better not to include the charming Akelei in a corsage. This flower stands for unreliability: a word you would rather not associate with a wedding! Fortunately, most flowers do have beautiful meanings. Chrysanthemums, for example, represent happiness, health and honesty and Freesia stands for unconditional love!

Corsage next to wedding rings and wooden box.
Corsage next to wedding rings and wooden box.

Symbolism of flower colours

Flower colours also have symbolic meanings. For example, choose a red flower: the colour of love! A white flower is also suitable for your corsage. This colour stands for purity and passion. Do you like to follow these symbolic meanings? Then do not choose a purple, yellow or black flower. Yellow represents betrayal and envy and purple is often associated with mourning. Why black, symbolically, is not conducive to a happy marriage, we probably don't need to explain to you.

Corsage for the dog

If your four-legged friend is an important presence then don't forget them either. So you can decorate him or her with a collar full of flowers.

Corsage throwing

You have surely seen it before: the bride throwing her bouquet backwards into the ballroom. The old legend goes that the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next bride.

Not every bride says goodbye to her bouquet easily. Some prefer to take the flower arrangement home to place in a vase, or dry and frame it. To still continue this funny tradition, the bride or groom can also throw the corsage into the 'public'. This way, you keep the beautiful bouquet, but still follow this funny tradition.

real roses.

Where to buy a corsage?

Corsages can be bought from various florists and online shops. It is wise to find a good florist in time to create the corsages for you. This way, you avoid the risk of not being able to deliver on your wedding day. Also inquire whether this florist makes corsages from the flowers you have in mind.

real roses.

Tip: Make sure the wedding bouquet is ordered from the same florist. This will prevent the bouquet and corsages from not matching well.

Price of a corsage

The price of a corsage depends on the quantity of flowers, the florist's seal of approval and the type of flowers used in the corsage. Assume an average of €5 to €10 per corsage. It is customary for the groom's corsage to be the largest. You will therefore pay more for this.

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