The most beautiful floral hairband

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The floral hairband

A floral hairband is an accessory that stands out a lot but when applied well with the whole style it makes everything complete. Below are 4 different hair bands and the link where to buy them.

When wearing the floral hairband.

A good time to wear a hair tie is somewhere you want to feel free. Think as a bride at your wedding or a festival or other celebration. During a photo shoot, a hair tie also works well. Choose one that suits the occasion.

Real vs Art

The advantage of an artificial hairband is that they sit perfectly all day. So you don't have to worry about them all drooping in hot weather. What is also a big plus is that you can save the hairband for next time.

The advantages of a real flower is that they are simply not fake. They feel, smell and look like the flowers. If you would prefer this, you can ask at the flower shop.

Making your own hairband

Would you rather do it yourself? What you need is:

  • Thin iron wire
  • Scissors
  • Flowers (Which you have chosen yourself)
  • Ribbon
  • Possibly a narrow hairband

To start: Take the iron wire and measure the length of the hairband. Make sure there is a loop at both ends to pass the hue through there. Go for at least 4 iron wires thick. Twist ribbon around the iron wire. Now add the flowers to the hairband and secure them with iron wire. Finally, you can now thread a ribbon through the two loops and tie them together so that the hairband stays put.

Artificial flower hairband with roses, daisies, fruit and with a red ribbon.


Artificial flowers hairband from the mistletoe plant with white ribbon.


Art hairband with booster stars, diamonds and gold leaves.


Artificial flower hairband with roses, daisies and a white ribbon.


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