Draaiboek bruloft

Creating a script for your wedding

And save as pdf

Operating instructions for the Draaiboek:

This web application helps you create a script for your event. Follow the steps below to create and save the script.

Attach sample script (optional): Click the "Add sample script" button to load a sample script with pre-filled activities.

Add information: You can do this by entering it in the cells or writing it at the bottom of the form and then pressing "add". The end time is automatically added for each activity when saving the PDF.

Edit or delete activities: To edit an existing activity, click on a cell in the table. Adjust the time to change the order. To delete an activity, click the "Delete" button in the activity's row.

Save the script: Click the "Save as CSV" button to save the script as a CSV file on your device. Click the "Save as PDF" button to save the script as a PDF file on your device.

Load a script from a CSV file (optional): Click "Load CSV file" and select the CSV file from your device to load the activities from the file into the script.

Time Duration (min) Activity Location Responsible Additional information Actions