Bridal lingerie | Tips for choosing

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Bridal lingerie | Tips for choosing

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A woman in delft lingerie lying on a white bed.

Tips on choosing bridal lingerie

Good, functional bridal lingerie is key under a wedding dress. Not only does it give you confidence, but it can also make or break your look. A matched set of bridal lingerie meets specific characteristics that ensure you wedding dress stand out in the best possible way. Below, we discuss what to look out for when buying bridal lingerie.

A bride in a white dress, adorned with bridal lingerie, sitting on a bed.

The function of bridal lingerie

Under a wedding dress wear your bridal lingerie. This lingerie shapes your body and hides contours that are visible with regular underwear. Bridal lingerie is not just functional. You also buy it to feel beautiful and thus boost your self-confidence. Think of it as a wedding gift for your husband as well as yourself.

A woman in black bridal lingerie lying on a bed.

Different types of lingerie

There are different types of lingerie. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. We discuss the best-known bridal lingerie types.


We are all familiar with the corset. It is a hard body made of rigid material. There are two variants: a corset with cups and a corset without cups. A corset with cups emphasises and supports the bosom and conceals the belly. A corset without cups only focuses on reducing the waistline. A corset is closed with a long lace at the back. As a corset is not elastic, it is more difficult to close. You therefore have the corset made to measure. A corset can therefore cost more than alternatives.

A corset fits well under A-line dresses, but is too stiff under tight dresses. Here, the transition from corset to skin is visible on the outside.


A torselet, also known as a guêpere, is often confused with a corset. The difference is in the fabric. Whereas corsets consist of stiff fabric, a torselet consists of soft, stretchy fabric. As a result, you don't need to have a torselet made to measure. A torselet is closed at the back with hooks or buttons. Like a corset, it emphasises the waist and breasts and conceals the belly. Because a torselet is made of soft material, the 'constrictive' effect is less than with a corset. Are you a fan of comfort? Then go for a torselet. A torselet also does well with A-line and ball gowns. With a tight dress, however, a torselet is often visible. This depends on the material of the dress. You run the risk of the lines of the bottom being visible.


A bustier is a shorter torselet, or a 'long' bra. A bustier pairs well with seamless underwear or a thong under a tight mermaid or boho dress. Do you prefer to disguise your belly? Then a bustier is not suitable. In this case, opt for a corset or torselet.

Thong or slip?

The bottom is also important! With a mermaid dress, you definitely don't want to see underwear seams. Therefore, opt for seamless shapewear underwear or a thong. With an A-line or ball gown, on the other hand, you can opt for comfortable (lace) panties, which will not be visible under the wide-fitting skirt.

A young woman in bridal lingerie looks out of a window.

Comfort or sex appeal?

Sexy bridal lingerie gives you a real confidence boost. However, a nice set of lingerie is of no use if you feel it pulling and irritating you all day. Lingerie should not get in the way of a happy mood! So it is also important to choose comfortable bridal lingerie. Pay specific attention to this during the fitting session in the shop.

2 sets

The classic long-legged Bridget Jones knickers don't do it justice to the eye. However, it does fit beautifully under a tight mermaid dress: No seams or dimples to be seen! You can therefore also choose to pick two lingerie sets. One comfortable set that does the dress justice and one sexy set for the wedding night (and the boudoir shoot).

A woman in lingerie poses in front of a window.


A wedding dress often reaches down to your toes. Plenty of room to 'hide' sexy lingerie under the skirt. What legwear do you wear and what do you pay attention to when buying it?


You can choose to wear tights under your wedding dress to wear. Choose simple tights, or sexy tights with pretty patterns. When buying tights, also pay attention to the colour: light tights often do better under a wedding dress. This will prevent the tights from showing through and being visible. Don't buy just any tights. Try them on to make sure they are the right size. There is nothing more annoying than sagging tights that you cannot lift all day. Also pay attention to the texture of the tights. Tights that are too smooth are annoying in shoes that slip off easily. Finally, always buy a spare pair of tights because of the risk of ladders.


Where suspenders used to be merely functional (preventing stockings from sagging), they are now the sexy accessory to complete your bridal lingerie: Nothing is more fun than one nice surprise at the end of your wedding day!


Going for a traditional bridal look? Then the garter should not be missing. In the past, the garter had a functional role. It also prevented the stockings from sagging. Nowadays, garters are worn as a sexy accessory. Where the bride has the bridal bouquet throw away, the man pulls the garter off his wife's leg, only to throw it into the group of single men. The man who catches the garter will be the next to marry, according to old legends.

A beautiful woman lying on a bed, dressed in bridal lingerie and a veil.

Matching accessories

You can also match a lingerie set with pretty accessories. Use the accessories below to complete your look.


When buying your bridal jewellery, also keep your lingerie set in mind. Do they look nice with this too? Look for jewellery that looks good with your wedding dress, but also with your lingerie.

Kimonos or dressing gowns

Want to surprise your man with a nice lingerie set, but wear mostly practical shapewear under your wedding dress? This is not a problem! You solve this with a kimono or sexy dressing gown. During the honeymoon or night, put on your new set, wear a kimono over this and voila! Again, you have a nice surprise for your husband.

Hair and make-up

Also your her and make-up you can match with your lingerie set. Go for a playful, romantic wedding dress? Then also buy a lingerie set in the same style. Then you can be sure that your her and make-up look also match your bridal lingerie.

Boudoir shoot with bruidslingerie

During a Boudoir shoot there will be sexy, seductive pictures of you made (in your bridal lingerie). It is a unique gift for your husband-to-be, but also for yourself. Posing in lingerie can give your self-confidence a huge boost!

If you have never seen a photo shoot have done, a boudoir shoot be quite exciting. Therefore, do it only if it feels right and suits you.

A woman in bridal lingerie posing on a bed.

Additional tips

You now know what bridal lingerie is and what types there are. Below you will read additional supplementary tips that are important when buying bridal lingerie.

Visit a specialist

We advise against ordering bridal lingerie on the internet. A size can always turn out big or small and the exact colour sometimes does not match the photo. Therefore, visit a (bridal) lingerie shop that can support you in fitting and choosing. These experts know which lingerie suits your figure and which colour stands out against your skin tone.

Self-confidence is number one!

Advice from experts and acquaintances is valuable, but sticking to yourself is the most important thing! Therefore, only buy lingerie in which you feel beautiful and comfortable. Do you like accessories? Then go for these! Is Less is More your motto? Then put on a simple set. When you feel beautiful, you radiate self-confidence. This is the most important thing!

A woman in white bridal lingerie sitting on a bed.

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