40 original wedding day gifts

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40 original wedding day gifts

Reading Time 6 Minutes

A wedding day gift: A table with a basket of Mr and Mrs plates and balloons.

Original wedding day gifts

At a wedding, many gifts given, but who gives something to another and what exactly? In this blog post, I share what kind of wedding day gift you can give from everyone's perspective. Remember that a gift is never mandatory, but something you want to give yourself.

General wedding day gifts

  1. A book
  2. A set of high-quality kitchen knives
  3. A custom-made work of art or home decoration
  4. A gift voucher for a couples massage or spa day
  5. A luxurious decorative blanket or decorative pillow
  6. A nice bottle of wine or champagne
  7. A gourmet food basket or gourmet cooking ingredients
  8. A set of matching towels or bathrobes for him and her
  9. A subscription to a cooking, wine or cocktail club
  10. A set of personalised champagne flutes or wine glasses
  11. A unique vase or planter for your home
  12. A gift voucher for a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant
  13. A cookbook or recipe box full of family recipes
  14. A set of monogrammed glassware or barware
  15. A custom-made piece of jewellery or accessory
  16. A gift voucher for a weekend getaway or trip
  17. A high-quality coffee or tea set
  18. A nice set of sheets or a duvet
  19. A set of personalised stationery or thank-you cards
  20. A gift voucher for a photo shoot or professional portrait
  21. A nice set of golf clubs or other sports equipment
  22. A set of board games or puzzles
  23. A gift voucher for a new book or e-book subscription
  24. A set of personalised coasters or placemats
  25. A home cinema system or smart speaker
  26. A gift voucher for a new streaming service or subscription
  27. A nice set of outdoor grilling tools or accessories
  28. A gift voucher for a new car detailing or maintenance service
  29. A set of personalised mugs or glassware
  30. A gift voucher for a new salon or beauty service
  31. A set of personalised thank-you notes or greeting cards
  32. A gift voucher for a new gym membership or personal training sessions
  33. A beautiful set of table linen or napkins
  34. A gift voucher for a new appliance or gadget for the home
  35. A gift voucher for a new subscription box service or monthly delivery service

What does the bride gift to the groom?

Watch or pocket watch

Not only handy for watching the time on it, but also a special wedding day gift to carry with you always. It also allows you to incorporate something personal such as an inscription or a photo.


A loose knot that is often passed on to subsequent generations. It can take many different forms and theme's. Like a musical note or initials. You have them almost in every material.

A smell

When you smell someone's cologne, you immediately know that person is there. Even if someone else has that scent you think of that person. It is therefore a very personal wedding day gift.

A pair of socks

Socks with "bride or groom" or something the recipient likes. Like bikes or pizza points to add a crazy twist to the suit.

A day out

Always a fun wedding day gift to look forward to. Have a nice day out together.

A poem

More personal that a write your own poem don't make it.

Boudoir photos

A photo shoot in lingerie is a wedding day gift which any partner can appreciate.

Description: Two black and white mugs with moustaches on them for a wedding day gift.

What does the groom give to the bride ?

Necklace or bracelet

You can give the same necklace or bracelet you wear yourself provided it is unisex. You can choose from many different materials such as gold, silver or plain wood.


Gold is a symbol of eternity and confidence. It is also good for maintaining purchasing power. An appropriate wedding day gift.

Sauna day

Not only cosy but also very healthy.

Hotel accommodation

Indulge in a carefree night in a hotel and explore the area.

Gift table

What does the bride and groom gift the parents?


A beautiful wedding day gift that shows appreciation.

Necklace or bracelet

You can give the same necklace or bracelet you wear yourself provided it is unisex. You can choose from many different materials such as gold, silver or plain wood.

A Photo

This can be a photo of you as a couple but also a family photo or a moment that is very precious.

A cosmetic hip flask with a quote on it, ideal as a wedding day gift.

What do parents gift the bride and groom?

The photographer

Photos are often the only thing left from a wedding.

The cake

Beautiful and tasty too.

The dress

Something brides have been looking forward to wearing, sometimes for a long time.

Car rental

If only one day. It's great experience and wedding day gift.

Bride and groom receive a wedding day gift - looking at a picture of a house.

What does the bride and groom donate to the master of ceremonies?

Necklace or bracelet

You can give the same necklace or bracelet you wear yourself provided it is unisex. You can choose from many different materials such as gold, silver or plain wood.

A dinner party

Give him or her an outing to the person's favourite restaurant.


A nice gesture of appreciation.

A wedding day couple donning their shirt as a gift at a wedding.

What do guests give the bride and groom as a wedding day gift?


When giving money to the bride and groom, you can assume your own expenses, what you have to spend and what the bride and groom mean to you. How much you give can be calculated in our "How much money to give at a wedding calculator"

A Mug

You can also put photos or images on a mug. So with this you can give a very fun but also very wrong mug.


You can also engrave the names on cutlery. It could be a knife or fork or a cake server or pizza cutter. Just what suits the person.


With different scents and colours, there is something for everyone.

Mini wedding car

When you know which car the bride and groom have, you can give a mini version.

A bride and groom pinata + baton

This way, you don't just give candy but also a fun moment.

Wine glass

Not only nice to drink from but also fun to engrave something in.

Printed wine box

With a picture of the bride and groom on the wine box is a nice wedding day gift and it's also nice to combine with a wine glass.

Printed coasters

Nice to see the coasters to be used on the wedding day but also a unique gift for home.

Wine box
A wine glass on the table next to a bottle of wine, the perfect wedding day gift.
A perfect wedding day gift: four coasters with a picture of a couple sitting on a table.

Do you have a wedding day gift to recommend?

Place your wedding day gift in the comments below this page.

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