What is a photobooth?

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A photobooth, a term that is increasingly popping up at parties and events, is actually a small, often portable photo booth where people can take pictures of themselves. Think of the passport photo booths at railway stations, but much more fun and interactive!

What is a photobooth

Fun guaranteed

The uniqueness of a photobooth is that it offers instant entertainment. As soon as you push aside the colourful curtain and take a seat in the photobooth, mad hats, oversized glasses and colourful boas lie ready to be used. With a simple press of a button, the flashes start and within minutes, a strip of photos rolls out of the machine. This makes for hilarious moments and great memories that are immediately in the hands of the guests.

What is a photobooth

Technology and creativity

Modern photobooths are equipped with the latest technologies. From high-quality cameras and lighting to touchscreens on which you can adjust the pictures edit and share directly on social media. The possibilities are endless and can be adapted to the theme of your event.

What is a photobooth

More than just photos

Besides photos, some photobooths can also shoot videos, create GIFs and even add virtual backgrounds using green screen technology. This makes each session unique and personal.

What is a photobooth

A lasting memory

One of the biggest advantages of a photobooth is that it creates a tangible memory. Many photobooth-providers offer the option to pictures personalised on the spot with, for example, the date of the event or a special message. This gives each guest a personal memento to take home.

What is a photobooth

In short, a photobooth is a fantastic addition to any party or event. Not only is it a source of entertainment, but it also encourages creativity, interaction and offers a personal touch to your gathering. So, for your next event, don't forget a photobooth consider - your guests will thank you!

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