The maternity shoot

With a maternity shoot, you celebrate motherhood-to-be. You capture your pregnancy in a unique way as a memento for later.

A beautiful maternity shoot capturing the silhouette of a pregnant woman standing in a field at sunset.

Why a maternity shoot?

Many women have doubts: Is a pregnancy shoot really necessary? They need to get used to their new bodies and are sometimes unsure about this. This is perfectly normal and natural. Despite these drastic changes, there are plenty of reasons to opt for a maternity shoot. You find yourself in a drastic, lifechanging period that will be over before you know it. This is precisely why it is important to dwell on your beautiful baby belly! A good photographer supports you and provides comfort during the shoot. Together, you will capture beautiful images as wonderful memories for the future.

A couple poses for their Maternity shoot in a greenhouse surrounded by lush plants.
A pregnant woman in a white dress carrying a bouquet.

When a maternity shoot?

The best time for a maternity shoot is between 30 and 33 weeks. At this stage, you are still reasonably mobile and fit, but your belly is already nicely visible. After 33 weeks, a photo shoot may be too heavy.

When do you make an appointment?

It is wise to schedule an appointment early. Preferably do this 8 to 10 weeks before you want to shoot. That way, you are assured of a spot on the day you have chosen. If you schedule a photo shoot last-minute, it is more likely that you will not be able to go to your chosen photographer, or that your chosen date is no longer available.

If you schedule a shoot on time, you have plenty of time to prepare. What to wear, where do you want to shoot and who do you want to be photographed with?

A Maternity shoot capturing a pregnant woman's tender moment as she hugs her belly.

The location of the photo shoot

A maternity photo shoot does not have a fixed location. You choose where you like to be photographed.

Photo shoot at home

Many women opt for a home photo shoot. This results in atmospheric photos with many personal elements. Think of photos in the baby's room or in your bedroom bed. The advantage of a home photo shoot is that you are in your own familiar surroundings. This is ideal if you have never done a photo shoot before and are tense.

Studio shoot

You can also opt for a photo shoot in a studio. Here, the focus is mainly on you and less on the background. This often results in more intense photos. Moreover, in a studio you have privacy and professional lighting at your disposal.

Outdoor photo shoot

Finally, a photo shoot in nature is a popular option. It is often shot during golden hour at the end of the day. The sun is low and the surroundings colour in beautiful, warm hues. A pregnancy shoot in nature can take place in different places. This is entirely up to you. Do you opt for a romantic shoot on the beach, or do you prefer standing in an open field of flowers?

During a Pregnancy Shoot, a man gently touches the pregnant woman's belly.
A maternity shoot couple sitting in the sand at sunset.

Ask the photographer for help

Some photographers have special styling guides for maternity shoots. You can request these in advance. In them you will find beautiful outfits for inspiration for your photo shoot. Some photographers also stock dresses and accessories you can use. Despite these handy tools, we recommend putting together your own outfit in advance. This will avoid an uncomfortable photo shoot in clothes that do not suit you.

A pregnant woman in a purple dress standing in a field at night during a Pregnancy Shoot.
A couple celebrates their pregnancy with a Pregnancy Shoot on the beach, happily holding blue smoke bombs.

Genderreveal photo

More and more people are celebrating a genderreveal party. This is an occasion where the gender of the baby is announced to family and friends. Nothing is more fun than announcing this with a beautiful, professional photo! For example, take a photo with blue or pink flags, cut a cake coloured blue or pink, or use other accessories. As a 'gender-reveal', send the photo via e-mail, or on a card.

A couple doing a Pregnancy Shoot looking at a picture of a pregnant woman.
A maternity shoot couple standing in the ocean at sunset.

Schedule an introductory meeting

A maternity photo shoot can be new and uncomfortable. Therefore, ask the photographer for an introductory meeting beforehand. During this meeting, you can sense whether there is a click with the photographer. You will also discuss what you are looking for. This way, you will quickly find out whether you share the same vision.