A boudoir shoot. the perfect gift for yourself.

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A boudoir shoot. the perfect gift for yourself.

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A bride wearing a bridal veil in a room.

After walking around with the idea in our heads for a long time, it was finally here. Our first boudoir shoot! Together with Cynthia Veenman of Bridal Boutique Let's Shine. Justin arranged the venue, the models and Cynthia did the hair and make-up. With that, she arranged the lingerie and some props like feathers, candles and even 2 wedding dresses. We ourselves had also brought some props such as very pretty, well (fake) 25 pink roses.

The location for the boudoir shoot was at the Huys van Leyden, in Leiden. With incredibly luxurious, different styled rooms. We had the green spacious bridal suite. After we arrived at the hotel, 2 of the 3 models arrived at the same time as us. So we could get started right away. Right into the hair and make-up and started shooting with Modi. Thanks to the nice weather outside and the beautiful sunshine in the room, it was perfect for shooting. After Modi, we continued with Shannon. After about 3 hours, we were already halfway through the boudoir shoot, time went so fast!

Later in the day, Charlie came, Cynthia helped her with the make-up and we were able to chat with Modi and Shannon about what they thought of it. After about six hours, we were done with the boudoir shoot. Time flew so fast but that was because it was so much fun to do this. Everything went like clockwork and everyone arrived perfectly on time which made us very relaxed and happy. boudoir shoot of 6 hours could happily complete.

Thank you everyone so much for this great day!

Written by Nathalie Lorier


Huys van Leyden, in Leiden

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Let's Shine


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