You're engaged! 5 things you don't want to forget

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You're engaged! 5 things you don't want to forget

Reading Time 3 Minutes

A man and woman hold champagne glasses at an outdoor wedding where they have just become engaged.

You're engaged! Here are the next steps

Congratulations! You are engaged. You are officially getting married. In this article, we discuss all the ins and outs of engaged are, and what needs to be arranged before the wedding.

What does engagement mean?

A couple is engaged if they have both agreed to marry each other. This is done on the basis of a marriage proposal. One person takes the initiative and makes a marriage proposal. The other either accepts this or rejects it. A marriage proposal has no official guideline. You do this as grandly as you feel comfortable.

Choose your wedding date

When you start plans the first choice is to choose the wedding date. The days most often chosen are Friday and Saturday. Hhe high season is from May to September. Therefore, keep in mind the crowds and be especially on time when booking your suppliers as the wedding day between these months is.

A close-up of an engaged diamond engagement ring on a black background.

The engagement ring

An engagement ring is given to the other during an proposal. In most cases, the man gives the ring to the woman. If the other person's proposal accepts, the engagement is sealed with the ring. The ring shows to the outside world that the other person is officially engaged. The engagement ring is worn on the left hand.

The difference between a wedding and engagement ring

A wedding ring is not the same as an engagement ring. An engagement ring is worn from the engagement to the wedding day. On the wedding day itself, the wedding rings are brought out. The couple slides these on each other's finger. A wedding and engagement ring can be bought as a set. It is not compulsory to gift an engagement ring. Some couples choose to purchase only a wedding ring.

A man puts a ring on a woman's finger.

How long will you stay engaged?

You remain engaged until you say yes to each other at the altar. So it depends on how soon you get married. This can take one year, but also 3 years. It depends entirely on the circumstances.

A couple in love enjoys a romantic love shoot on the sandy beach.

The engagement shoot

With a engagement shoot the engagement is celebrated. During a shoot At a location of your choice, your love will be photographed. You are introduced to the camera, can enjoy and relax and beautiful pictures are shot. It is a nice memento of this phase of your relationship.

An engaged note on a mirror saying I love you.

Send engagement cards

With an engagement card, you inform your family and friends of the engagement. On an engagement card, you mention your name and the date of the engagement. Some couples also celebrate an engagement party; in that case, this is also mentioned on the card.

An engaged candy buffet table with pink and white decorations.

Apply for a marriage licence

Before you say yes to each other, you go into betrothal. This sounds complicated, but fortunately it is not that complicated. During an application for submarriage, you provide the municipality with all the necessary details. Based on this information, the municipality will decide whether you can get married. After the municipality has accepted the request, you will officially have the green light to get married. Would you like to know more about a request to marry? Then click here.

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