Pins vs magnets: The best choice for Wedding corsages

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Relax with your favourite drink and let us take you on an enchanting adventure through the fascinating world of corsage pins! You may be thinking, "Corsage pins? That sounds like the least exciting part of a wedding!" But be prepared to be amazed, because we're going to show you why pins are actually the silent heroes of your big day!

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Why magnets are not a good choice for corsages

Imagine this: you have spent weeks preparing, the big day has finally arrived and everyone looks fabulous... until you corsage suddenly falls to the ground. There lie the beautiful flowers, lonely and abandoned. And why? Because someone has told you that magnets are the best option for attaching corsages. Unfortunately, it turns out magnets are not suitable for this application.

Corsages with magnets can fall off your suit at:

The Greeting Hug: Enthusiastic friends and family members can give you corsage pry loose in their attempt to hug you tightly.

The Festive Dance: Intense dance moves, especially at the opening dance, can cause you to corsage releases.

Posing for Pictures: During the photo shoot at the dip, for example, or because you are going against each other.

Top-heavy Corsage: If you corsage is particularly large or heavy, gravity can cause it to tilt and eventually fall.

The Gust of Wind: An unexpected gust of wind, for example when riding in a convertible or standing in a windy location, can make your corsage tear loose.

The Waving Moment: When you wave to the crowd or just gesture during a conversation, the quick movement can make you corsage loosening.

The Pins

Don't worry, because here are the pins to save the day! These little glittering heroes are often overlooked, but they are absolutely priceless. But why are they actually so great, you ask? Well, for one thing, they make sure your corsage stays firmly in place. They are extremely reliable in preventing a fall from the beautiful flowers which you have carefully selected.


Pins and holes

And those holes they make? They are so minimal that you barely notice them. They are so small that even the most expert detective with a magnifying glass would not be able to see them. Moreover, pins are practically weightless. So if you think you are carrying extra weight with you, you are absolutely wrong!

Magnets often don't work

But then why do florists often recommend magnets? That's a good question! It's actually quite simple: they seem more convenient and modern. But the reality is often less glamorous. Gravity is the biggest enemies of those little magnets, and more often than not it leads to corsages falling off.

No worries, go for the best option!

With pins, you won't have to worry about a single thing on your big day. And let's face it, a little less stress would be welcome for everyone, right? Choosing pins is a small but important detail that will ensure your day goes smoothly.

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