What do you wear as a wedding guest?

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What do you wear as a wedding guest?

Reading time 8 Minutes

A group of brides and grooms dancing in the grass while wearing stylish wedding attire.

What do you wear for clothes as a wedding guest?

The wedding of a close friend, a family member or an acquaintance is coming up and the date is already visible on your calendar. You have already arranged everything and the only question left in the air is: what to wear? This is one of the most important things to pay attention to when you are invited to a wedding, as everyone tries their best to look festive. It is the day of the bride and groom and it is important to do your best for them. In this article, we will tell you all about how to choose clothes for the wedding.

What to wear as a guest at a wedding
A man and a woman walk through a field of yellow flowers, dressed in elegant clothing suitable for a wedding.
A man and woman in a black dinner jacket for a photo at a wedding.
A woman, dressed in a white dress and hat, perfect for a wedding, in a beautiful field.
A woman in a blue romper walks down a path, perfect attire for a wedding.
A woman in a white dress walking along a path with pink flowers, dressed in clothes suitable for a wedding.
Description: A man dressed in white trousers and a pink blazer.
A woman dressed in a white midi dress and hat, perfect for a wedding.

A dress code

Choosing clothes for the wedding can sometimes be a bit exciting or tricky. You want to do your best for the bride and groom and fit in. Fortunately, in many cases, the bride and groom already provide some guidance. In fact, many weddings have a certain colour theme or dress code, which guests have to comply with.

A vibrant bouquet of flowers adorns a lush lawn.

Colour scheme

Many couples choose to get married with a particular colour scheme. You can already see this from the invitation, which is often designed in the same colour scheme. For a summer wedding, for example, this could be cheerful colours like yellow or green. Guests are then expected to appear in the colour scheme. If this is the case, it will be indicated on the invitation. If not? Then it's still a good option to go in the colours of the invitation to come. Then you can be sure you are in the right direction.

A woman getting her hair done for a wedding.

Dress code

Another common trend is to have a dress code. This can be anything from Summer Chic to Casual Chic. As these names suggest, you are often expected to come dressed chicly. This means that you don't arrive in sweatpants, but come dressed a bit more neatly. With Summer Chic, some breezy, roomy clothes suit. Think flouncy skirts and dresses for women and loose trousers for men. With Casual Chic, go for more casual garments, like a short-sleeved shirt, and use chic accessories.

If a wedding has a dress code or colour scheme, it will be listed on the invitation. So pay close attention to this.

A man and a woman pose for a photograph in their wedding attire.

What to wear

On the invitation is often the desired colour or theme in which you, should dress, but it does not say exactly which garment. Some weddings specifically ask for a dress or suit, but most couples leave this a bit more open-ended.

A group of men laughing while wearing stylish wedding attire.

wedding dresses for men

What men wear to a wedding depends on the type of wedding. At formal weddings, you are expected to come in a suit, with a white shirt. The suit colour will depend on the colour scheme or dress code. When there is none, a dark blue or grey suit is a good choice. However, most weddings will not be very formal, so you can be fine with colours and patterns. For example, you can opt for a shirt in the colour or atmosphere of the theme or for a jacket on a pair of trousers. For a summer wedding, lighter colours such as light blue or light pink are always good and also provide a cosy tan to the party. At a winter wedding, men often wear darker colours, such as dark blue, dark red or shades of brown. Also, at informal weddings, you don't have to wear a tie, but can go for a bow tie. This can again have a matching colour or pattern. Choose neat shoes, such as patent shoes or so-called office shoes in brown. For a summer wedding, you can also opt for neat slip-on shoes.

Two women smiling at the camera while wearing wedding attire.

wedding clothing for women

For women, there are even more options than for men. When on the invitation does not state that you are expected to come in a dress or suit, you have complete freedom. However, as with men, the intention is that you come neat and tidy. The most standard thing to wear is a chic skirt or dress. However, lately more and more female guests at weddings are opting for a jumpsuit. These have the same elegance as a dress, but you don't have to deal with bare legs or seepage under the skirt. This makes it an attractive option for many women. More and more women are also wearing suits to weddings. This can consist of trousers and a jacket. If there is no colour scheme, choose cheerful or light colours, such as red, pale pink or shades of blue. This is always good. You can also opt for a pair of coloured heels to give your outfit a cheerful colour. For example, green heels match well with a light pink suit or jumpsuit. If you don't want to wear heels, you can also opt for a neat ballerina or patent shoe.

A Wedding Bouquet fountain in a garden.

Match the clothes to the location

A good tip is to look at the venue of the wedding. If there is no colour scheme or dress code mentioned on the invitation, you could look up the venue. When the wedding takes place in a forest, you put on very different colours than in a castle. In a forest, for instance, you can play with natural colours like greens and browns, while in a castle lighter colours are appropriate. This is also useful to know for the choice of shoes. For women it is on the beach for example, not convenient to wear heels and men would be better off leaving their patent leather shoes at home. So the venue provides a good handle for choosing clothes.

A joyous bridal party with a joyous group of women dancing and singing in celebration.

Tips on dressing for the wedding

There are a few things to consider when choosing clothes for the wedding as a guest.

Do not wear white

Unless the dress code of the wedding is white, wearing this colour is a no go. This is because most wedding dresses are white and, of course, it is the bride and groom who should be the centre of attention. When you as a guest wear a white suit or white dress like the bride, you distract attention from her and she is no longer the centre of attention. This is, of course, the intention. Therefore, do not put on white unless explicitly stated on the invitation.

A wedding ceremony in a church with lots of crowds and wedding songs.

Getting married in church

When a couple chooses to get married in church, certain rules of the church also apply here. For instance, as a woman, it is not neat to sit in the religious building with uncovered shoulders. Make sure you have a scarf or cloak to cover them with.

Bring an extra pair of shoes

For women who plan to attend in heels, it is useful to bring an extra pair of flat shoes. Not only is it tiring to have to stand in heels all evening, but it can also be awkward on the dance floor or on the grass. So it's handy to always bring an extra pair. Ballerinas are the easiest option as they barely take up any space.

A woman holding a pair of earrings for a wedding outfit.

Accessories complete the outfit

For both men and women, accessories are important when choosing clothes for the wedding. These can go a long way in falling within a dress code. For example, for a Summer Chic dress code, you can choose colourful earrings, bows, and a loose, cheerful scarf. This will make the whole look just a little more neat and thoughtful. A belt can also add a lot to the outfit. Choose a colour that matches your shoes to make it match.

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