Cheap wedding dresses under €200

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Cheap wedding dresses under €200

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Stunning cheap wedding dresses

Stunning cheap wedding dresses

Looking for a cheap wedding dress? We bought some gorgeous wedding dresses under €200, and came to different conclusions. In this article, I will tell you about our experience buying the two most worn wedding dresses. We bought a A-line wedding dress and a bohemian wedding dress.

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Stunning cheap wedding dresses

The agreement

Cheap wedding dresses, oddly enough, have many similarities with their more expensive variants. For example, the following aspects are largely the same:


For the price, you may not really expect it but even these cheap wedding dresses are custom-made. Thus, you need to pass on the following measurements:

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Hollow to hem of dress (Shoulders to lowest point)

In our experience, both wedding dresses fit perfectly. This is a big plus.

The design

Even though it is not a specific designer's brand, the design of the wedding dresses is very beautiful. Sometimes these dresses are copied from their more expensive variant so you can hardly tell from a distance.

Stunning cheap wedding dresses

The difference

When you buy a wedding dress you pay around €1500 on average, so what's the difference between a cheap wedding dress of around €200?

The fabric

The fabric is noticeably of inferior quality. This has definitely been skimped on. Certain fabrics feel very stiff. Where tulle is often used, it now feels like mosquito net fabric. Lace on the other hand is thinner than normal but feels the same. So it very much depends on what kind of fabric it is.

Back of a wedding dress with a tattoo

The finishing touch

There is a world of difference with the finish. When you get a little closer, you can still see some differences. For instance, the zip of the cheap wedding dress was under fake buttons. So it looked like the dress had buttons but this was simply a zip.

Back of a wedding dress with a tattoo

Delivery time

The delivery time for a cheap wedding dress is faster than for a normal wedding dress. This is because it involves less work. This is an advantage when you have underestimated the normal delivery time of a normal wedding dress of 4-6 months on average. This is because with a cheap wedding dress, it is only 1-2 months.

Lace wedding dress

Conclusion of cheap wedding dresses

There are pros and cons when buying a cheap wedding dress. For instance, one advantage is that with a cheap wedding dress, you worry less if it gets dirty and when you don't pay attention to the details, it is hard to tell what the price of the wedding dress was.

An expensive wedding dress is mostly about the feel. For instance, the fabric is finer and also feels more luxurious. More attention has also been given to it so that you really feel it is your dress. Thus, an expensive dress makes you feel more beautiful than a cheap wedding dress.

Bride with wedding dress in the sea
Stunning cheap wedding dresses
Bride with her hands on her shoulders

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