Wedding venue My torpedo shed in Hook of Holland

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Wedding venue My torpedo shed in Hook of Holland

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My torpedo shed is a big building with a blue sky.

Getting married is a special moment for a couple. It is a day filled with love, being together and looking to the future. An important part of this beautiful day is choosing a good place to get married. My Torpedo shed in beautiful Hoek van Holland is such a place. It has a cosy and ancient atmosphere that suits a wedding day well.

A bride and groom are surrounded by confetti at their wedding at the mine torpedo shed in corner of holland

My Torpedo shed

My Torpedo shed is a special place with a lot of history. This makes it romantic and special for your wedding day. The building is old but modern, with large windows. You overlook the water. This gives a beautiful and unique view for your wedding day.

A silhouette of a bride and groom standing in front of a window at My torpedo shed.
The perfect wedding; a bride and groom standing on a quay at sunset, beautifully captured by a talented wedding photographer.
A room full of white chairs and balloons, transformed into My torpedo shed.
My torpedo shed is a wooden table with vases with flowers on it.
A wedding cake with the silhouette of a bride and groom, inspired by the unique charm of My torpedo shed.
A table setting with white plates, glasses and greenery.

Facilities and Services

At My Torpedo Shed, they know that every wedding is different. That's why they personally help you arrange everything right. There is room for 200 people to party and 120 people to eat. Many things are possible, such as a dance floor, tents and beautiful decorations. You can also choose from different menus and drinks. So you really make the day the way you want it.

A bride and groom stand at dusk on My torpedo shed.

Photo locations in the Hoek van Holland area

Near Hoek van Holland, there are many beautiful places for photos. Each place is special in its own way.

My torpedo shed

The Beach, North Pier and Dunes

The beach of Hook of Holland is quiet and beautiful, especially at sunset. The Noorderpier looks tough and different, which makes for fun photos. The dunes are also beautiful and provide tranquillity.

A bride and groom in a yellow car with balloons celebrate their Wedding in the forest.

The Staelduinse Bos

In Staelduinse Bos, you can see beautiful nature and old bunkers. This is nice for photos of nature or old things.

A bride and groom kissing in front of My Torpedo Pilot, a vintage car.
A wedding couple pose in front of the wind turbines at My torpedo shed.

The Maeslant barrier

The Maeslant barrier is a world-famous storm surge barrier in the New Waterway and is part of the Delta Works to protect against flooding. The barrier's huge structures and engineering design can provide an impressive and unique backdrop for photography. The view of the water from the barrier can also be particularly beautiful, especially during sunset when the light reflects on the water's surface.

A woman stands on a stage in front of balloons.

There are many places for great photos near Hoek van Holland. Whether you like nature or old things, there is a lot to see. You can take many great photos here and show off the surroundings well.

A group of people clap in front of a car.
A white sports car parked in a torpedo shed.Keywords: torpedo shed


My Torpedo Pilot also takes good care of your car. There are plenty of free parking spaces nearby. This is nice for you and your guests. You don't have to look long for a spot and your car is safe.

My torpedo shed, a wedding ceremony with balloons.


My Torpedo shed is not only beautiful, but also convenient. There is space for wheelchairs, free parking and plenty of food and drink choices. It is also easy to reach by metro and is close to Hoek van Holland harbour.

A bride and groom dance at a wedding party.
A bride and groom at a wedding party in a bar.
A group of people sit at tables in a tent.

All in one place

At My Torpedo Pilot you can have your whole wedding day celebrate in one place. It's so easy and cosy. You can get married here, eat, party and beautiful pictures make. There is also a large space outside. Here you can be outside and enjoy the fresh air. So you have everything together and can fully enjoy your special day at My Torpedo shed.

A group of people sit at tables in a warehouse.

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