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Creating a wedding timeline

And save as pdf

This tool is designed to make creating and managing a timeline for events, such as weddings, simple and intuitive. End times are automatically calculated in the PDF.

Operating instructions for the timeline:

1. Fill in the event details, such as the names of the partners and the date of the event.

2. Add a new activity:

a. Enter the start time, duration, activity, location, person in charge and additional information in the fields provided.

b. Click the "Add activity" button to add the activity to the script. *Alternative: You can also enter information directly into the table by clicking on a cell, empty or already filled in, and entering the desired data.

3. Delete an existing activity: a. Click the "Delete" button next to the activity you want to delete.

4. Export the script:

a. Click the "Save as CSV" button to export the script to a CSV file.

b. Click the "Save as PDF (portrait)" or "Save as PDF (landscape)" button to export the script to a PDF file in portrait or landscape format.

5. Import an existing script:

a. Click the "Choose CSV file" button and select the CSV file you want to import.

b. Click the "Load CSV file" button to load the script from the selected file.

6. Adjust the table header colour:

a. Click the colour box next to "Header colour" and select the desired colour.

With this tool, you can easily create and manage a clear script for your event, with different ways to add and change information.

If you save the playbook in PDF it looks like this:

Wedding script



Time Duration (min) Activity Location & Address Responsible Comment Actions

Add activity:

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