Wedding location Orangerie Elswout in Overveen

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A path leading to a large building with blue doors called Orangerie Elswout.

Orangerie Elswout in Overveen is a place where the charm of the past meets the comforts of the present to provide the perfect setting for your special day.

An Orangerie Elswout, a red-brick building.

About Orangerie Elswout

Orangerie Elswout, once a haven for Amsterdam merchants, is located on the historic estate Buitenplaats Elswout in the Randstad. Now it offers a romantic setting for weddings. As the largest orangery in the Netherlands, it is known for the abundance of natural light streaming in through the large windows and glass structure, creating a fresh and warm atmosphere. This makes every event here special and adds a touch of elegance to the historical charm of the venue.

An orangery with rows of chairs and a large window overlooking Elswout.
In an Orangery, a table is set up in a greenhouse.
A wedding reception in a large room with large windows.

One Location, Many Possibilities

The beauty of getting married at Orangerie Elswout is that you can spend the whole day in one location. The Bloemendaal municipality has designated the Orangerie as an official wedding location, allowing you to hold your ceremony as well as your reception, dinner and party here.

The Orangerie in Elswout is an oasis of tranquillity, with a pond surrounded by lush trees and connected by a charming bridge.
An ornate mansion with stairs leading up to it.
A couple walking across a bridge in a wooded area.
A fish swimming in a pond with water lilies.

Around Elswout

Elswout Estate has beautiful bridges over water bodies, old buildings and neat paths. It is a quiet place with lots of greenery, where you can take nice walks and take beautiful photos. The old trees and water give it a nice atmosphere. It really is a place that will add a little something extra to your wedding.

A tray of desserts on the table.

Culinary Options

There is a wide range of dining and bar options to choose from. Whether it is a walking dinner, shared dining, a BBQ or a traditional menu, there is something for everyone.

A bride and groom walk along a path lined with trees.

Parking and accessibility

Orangerie Elswout is easily accessible for everyone, including guests with limited mobility, thanks to its wheelchair-friendly facilities. As for parking, there are options nearby where guests can safely leave their cars. Please note that it does take a short walk from the car park to the venue.

A woman taking a photo during a wedding reception.
A man plays trumpet in front of a group of people.
A bride and groom toasting during a wedding reception.

Space for You and Your Guests

Space need not be a problem, regardless of the size of your guest list. With two halls, the Floral Room and the Muysken Room, Orangerie Elswout offers enough space for all your guests. Both halls have a surface area of 96 m². The Bloemenzaal can accommodate up to 120 guests for a ceremony, and up to 200 guests for a reception or party. The Muysken Room can accommodate up to 150 guests for a ceremony, and likewise up to 200 guests for a reception or party. This means you have a wide choice, depending on your needs and the number of guests.

A bride and groom stand in the middle of the Orangery.

Make it Personal

Orangerie Elswout also offers venue styling, through their design partners. They will help you customise the venue to your own style, with decorations, styling and even the invitations, to make your big day truly unique.

A deer lies in the hay.
A bride and groom standing in the Orangerie Elswout with deer.

The deer at Elswout

Near Orangerie Elswout is a deer enclosure. A short walk offers a chance to see these peaceful animals see, get some fresh air and take unique wedding photos against a natural backdrop. It's a nice extra to the experience at Orangerie Elswout.

A bride and groom with sheep at the Orangery Elswout Bridge.
A bride and groom sit during a wedding ceremony.
A bride puts her wedding ring on her husband's finger.

Planning support

The team of Orangery Elswout is there to support couples in making their dream wedding a reality. Through personal discussions, all wishes and ideas are gone through to ensure that the day goes exactly as the bride and groom envisage.

Two flags fly in front of a building.

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