I proudly present to you our luxury lay-flat albums


The wedding album

This wedding album has a linen cover in which your names are printed. This adds a personal touch, as do the 17 different colours you can choose from. The album has 40-thick pages on which the photos are directly printed at the highest possible quality. I often hear from customers that the photos seem to jump out, and this is undoubtedly due to the unparalleled craftsmanship of our supplier. The standard size is 30 by 30 centimetres, which fits very well. Should you want a different size, that can be done on request. One of the many things that makes this album unique is the fact that it is a lay-flat type, which means that the pages stay straight when turning the pages. It also means there is no distracting seam and photos can be made as large as the two pages side by side. In short, these are photos of only liefest 60 by 30 centimetres. The delivery time of this album is four to eight weeks.

Why an album?

Of course, everything can be digital these days. You might say that means you no longer need a photo album. However, the memory of something as important as a wedding day cannot be left intangible. Every time you grab this album, you can relive your wedding day all over again. And that's really different from looking at photos on a screen!


Would you like to give others, like your parents, a booklet too? Then you can! With our 20-by-20-centimetre parent albums, you have a great gift for your parents. This wedding album has the same material as the main album and the same layout, but is just a touch smaller. Are you curious and want to know more? Then feel free to contact me.


- 40 pages
- 30 x 30 centimetres
- Maximum print quality
- Thick pages
- Your names printed on the front
- 17 different colour options
- Linen cover
- No annoying seam
- Imported from Portugal
*Please note, The album & album box are sold separately

Wedding album working method

*Read more about how we make the album

Wedding album