Tips for a Budget Wedding

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Tips for a Budget Wedding

Reading Time 5 Minutes

A bride and groom walking down a path in front of a crowd of people during their budget wedding.

Imagine a radiant wedding day before, full of smiling faces and loving moments. But just when you are completely absorbed in that dream, the realisation of the financial challenges creeps in. How do you ensure that unforgettable day without raiding your bank account?

Budget list for an Affordable Wedding

  1. Location:
    • Community centre or local park
    • Backyard of a relative or friend
    • Off-peak dates and times choose for discount
  2. Invitations:
    • Digital invitations (email or specialised apps)
    • Homemade invitations with affordable printing
  3. Clothing:
    • Second-hand wedding dress or suit
    • Sale or seasonal discount
    • Borrowing clothes from friends or family
  4. Decorations:
    • DIY centrepieces and decorations
    • Reusable items such as fabric garlands instead of disposable decorations
    • Natural decorations such as seasonal flowers and leaves
  5. Catering:
    • Potluck-style meal (where each guest brings a dish)
    • Limited menu with local and seasonal ingredients
    • BBQ or picnic for a more informal atmosphere
  6. Entertainment:
    • Creating playlists and using your own sound equipment
    • Hiring local amateur musicians or bands
    • Asking friends to share specific talents (e.g. singing, dancing)
  7. Photography:
    • Use a hashtag to receive all guests' photos.
    • Put down disposable cameras
    • Make use of a photobooth
  8. Transport:
    • Using own cars or borrowing from friends and family
    • Carpooling with guests
  9. Ceremony:
    • Ask a friend or family member to conduct the ceremony (in some areas this can be done with a day licence)
    • Short and intimate ceremony
  10. Rings:
    • Simple bands without much embellishment
    • Vintage or second-hand rings
Water with fruit at your wedding

The Power of Simplicity

Simplicity is not reducing things, but focusing on what really matters. In a world full of distractions and complexity, simplicity offers clarity and direction. It is about recognising what is essential and letting go of redundancies.

Memories above all else

Remember that one time when you were on the beach was, watching the sunset, the colours of the sky changing? It cost nothing, but the memory is priceless. Focus on experiences rather than expensive extras. A good conversation, a laugh, a tear; those moments are worth their weight in gold.

A budget bride and groom stand on a red bridge in a garden and enjoy their cheap wedding.

Make it Personal

The key word for an unforgettable wedding is 'connection'. So start with the most important tip: be present. Try to share a moment with each guest, even if it is just a short conversation or a quick hug.

Add a personal touch by, for example, handwritten notes or small thank-you notes for each guest. It is the small gestures that make the biggest difference.

Activities such as a short quiz about the bride and groom or open mic moments can provide entertainment and engagement. It's all about making everyone feel special and appreciated on your big day.

A Budget Wedding three-tier cake with garland on top for those looking for Cheap Wedding.

Stay true to yourself

At the plans of a wedding, a deluge of choices comes your way. From the venue to the decorations and from the music to the menu choices. But the most important thing is to make choices that really suit you as a couple.

It is easy to get carried away by trends or the wishes of others, but your wedding should be a reflection of your unique love story. For example, choose a venue that has special meaning for you, or integrate traditions that are close to your heart.

Don't be guided by what 'you should' or what 'everyone else does'. Instead, listen to your own heart and intuition. You will find that the most authentic choices are often the most memorable.

Remember that it is your day, and the memories you make will last a lifetime. So make sure they are genuine, real and unforgettable.

A group of women start posing with donkeys in a field to plan their wedding.

DIY Ideas

Organising a wedding becomes all the more special when the whole family is involved. Here are some DIY ideas that highlight family involvement and help create a unique and personal touch for your big day:

1. Invitations and Thank You Cards:

Organise a craft day with your family and make handmade invitations. Use stamps, ribbons, coloured paper and add personal notes to make each invitation make special.

2. Table decorations:

Collect glass jars, ribbons, lace and candles. Together, you can create unique centrepieces that will brighten up any table.

3. Personalised Gift Bags:

With fabric bags, stamps and colourful ribbons, you can create personalised gift bags for guests.

4. Homemade Cake or Candy Stand:

Collect family recipes and create a dessert table together full of homemade treats such as cakes, biscuits and sweets.

5. Handmade jewellery:

Together with your family, create unique jewellery for the bride or bridesmaids, such as beaded necklaces, bracelets or hair accessories.

6. Decorative Signs:

Use paint and wooden boards to create signposts or welcome signs for the wedding location create. Add personal messages or quotes for a unique touch.

7. Guestbook Alternative:

Instead of a traditional guest book, you can paint a canvas together on which guests can leave their fingerprints and wishes.

8. Homemade Photo Corner:

With some fabric, light garlands and props, you can create a fun photo corner where guests can take crazy and memorable photos.

9.Homemade Ring Box:

Geuse a wooden box, paint, ribbon and lace to create a unique and personalised ring box for the big day.

A woman standing in front of a gold background at a photobooth, holding food in cones.

It doesn't have to be expensive

The true essence of wealth is often free; it is in the priceless moments and experiences we cherish. Think of those spontaneous bursts of laughter with friends, the warmth of a hug, or a deep conversation under the stars. These moments add colour and meaning to our lives, without a price tag. Sure there will always be costs but watch your budget and concentrate on what is really important to you.

Have you budget tips for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!  

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