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  1. Wedding card: Add a QR code to your wedding card so your guests can easily access all the important information about the wedding, such as the venue, event times and gift wishes.
  2. Menus: Place QR codes on menus so that your guests can quickly access information about the dishes and drinks served at the wedding.
  3. Guestbook: Create a QR code that leads to a digital guest book where guests can leave a personal message for the bride and groom.
  4. Photo gallery: Place QR codes next to the photo frames to give guests access to an online photo gallery where they can view more photos from the wedding.
  5. Table cards: Add QR codes to table cards so guests can access information about the other guests at their table and learn more about them.
  6. RSVPs: Make the RSVP process easier by including a QR code on the invitations so guests can quickly confirm whether they are coming.
  7. Thanks: Add QR codes to the thank-you gifts so guests can access a personalised thank-you message from the bride and groom.
  8. Directions: Place QR codes at strategic points so guests can easily navigate to the wedding venue, parking and other important points.
  9. Scavenger hunt: Create a QR code scavenger hunt where guests are guided through the venue to complete various tasks to learn more about the bride and groom.
  10. Wedding games: Use QR codes to let guests participate in games during the reception or dinner.
  11. Background information: Add QR codes to decorations so guests can learn more about the meaning behind certain details and decorations of the wedding.
  12. Photobooth: Place QR codes at the photobooth so guests can easily download the photos and share them on social media.
  13. Music requests: Use QR codes to let guests make music requests for the DJ or band.
  14. Wedding website: Use QR codes to give guests quick access to the wedding website, where they can find all the information about the wedding.
  15. Wedding quiz: Use QR codes to let guests participate in a fun quiz about the bride and groom and their relationship.