The bridal shower | Everything you need to know

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The bridal shower | Everything you need to know

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The bridal shower

Are you getting married soon? With that comes a bachelor party. This one looks different for the groom and bride-to-be. In this blog, you will read all about the party for the bride, also known as the bridal shower.

What is a bridal shower?

The bridal shower is the bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. It is meant to say goodbye to bachelorhood before the bride gets married. The guests of the party are the bride's close friends and girlfriends, and it is common for this group to organise the bridal shower. Often, the bridesmaid is in charge. During the party, the bride is both put in the limelight and made to look like a fool, through embarrassing attire or tasks. The bridal shower often takes place shortly before the wedding. Depending on the schedule this could be 3 months to 2 weeks in advance.

The bridal shower used to be an alternative to the dowry when the family was too poor to pay it or when the bride's father did not want to give it. The friends of the bride-to-be then gave various gifts together that compensated for the dowry.

Tips for organising a bridal shower

Organising a bridal shower takes a lot of time and preparation. Therefore, make sure you have a few things in place. It is nice to keep most of it as a surprise, but if the bride-to-be has certain wishes, it is useful to follow them. After all, it is her party.

Start by making a budget. Is the bride paying for the party or the girlfriends? How much do you want to spend and on what? It is important to have this established before you start planning all sorts of things and spend more money than you have. Then you can look for a venue and send out invitations to the invitees. Once you've done all this, you'll have plenty of time to activities and you don't have to think about the rest. It also gives you the space to reserve for certain things when you know how many people are coming.

What do you do at a bridal shower?

No two bridal showers look alike and that is exactly what makes it so much fun. The bridal shower is a personal celebration for the bride and so it should also have to do with the bride's life. Generally, the bridal shower takes place during the day. It can be as short or long as you like. For example, you can still party in the evening during a bachelorette party.

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Theme parties

A fun option for the bachelorette party is to make it a themed party. Try to think of a theme that suits the bride-to-be. For example, if she likes animals, choose a safari theme. If you want to give it a wild edge, you can play a game like "Which ex was a beast in bed?" where the bride has to put her bed partners in order. You can also adjust the dress code accordingly, by having the bride walk in a tiger suit. Does the bride love the beach? Then provide fresh cocktails, bikinis and blow-up palm trees.

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Indoor activities

If you have decided to have the bridal shower indoors, there are different kinds of games you can play than outside. For example, you can have a cocktail competition. Everyone has to make the bride's favourite cocktail and the one who made the tastiest drink wins a small prize. You can also try to make the perfect wedding dress out of toilet paper. Other options are simple question games, such as 'Never Have I Ever' or telling the bride the most embarrassing memory.

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Outdoor activities

Is your bachelor party taking place outdoors? Then there are other things you can do. A good outdoor activity is organising a scavenger hunt. This can take any form and length. For example, you can do a scavenger hunt along the most important places of the bride and groom where at each location you can find a photo of the two of them with a story. You can also try in groups to collect as many typical bridal products as possible (without buying them) within a set time. Another option is to make a list of things related to the wedding, such as the wedding date and a wedding dress. In groups, guests should look for these things and take a picture of them. The one who finds everything first wins.

Does the bride like quiet activities more? Then you could paint a landscape, for example, or if you want to make it more exciting, a nude model. You can also organise a high tea with tasty pastries and pretty dresses.

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What kind of gifts do you give the bride?

The bridal shower is a celebration that involves gifts. You do this to congratulate the bride-to-be and pamper her. Therefore, you often give a personal gift that suits the bride. The bride and groom's gift registry is meant for the wedding and therefore not for the bachelor party. It is customary to bring a gift at both events.

How much does a gift for the bride cost?

Since often the bride's close friends and girlfriends are present at the party, it is not crazy to spend between €50 and €100 for a gift. Do you know the bride a little less well, but have been invited? It doesn't matter if it costs less. The important thing is that it is a gift that suits or benefits the bride.

Tips for choosing a gift

Do you find it difficult to find a gift to think of? Don't worry, there are plenty of things that almost every bride likes. Is the wedding accompanied by buying a house? Then it is ideal to give items for decorating the house. Think of things like wine glasses, bedding, vases or (scented) candles. Another option is to buy lingerie, a bathrobe or pyjamas for the bride.

You can also choose to make something personal for the bride. A good option is to make a photo book. Print out your favourite photos of the two of you together and paste them into a photo book. Write a nice little story to show how much you care about her. You can also put together a gift basket with items for a home spa, such as a mask, bath foam and body lotion. The bride can use this, for example, before her wedding to refresh herself. Don't have that much budget? Write a beautiful poem showing that you appreciate her and are happy for her. It doesn't matter what you give, it's all about the idea. The important thing is that you are there for the bride and together with her, celebrate her engagement.

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