Wedding location Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit in Warmond

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Wedding location Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit in Warmond

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Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit - A breathtaking image of a bride and groom standing on a quay at sunset.

Nestle into the rich history and serene natural beauty of Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit, located in the heart of Warmond on the Kagerplassen. For wedding couples considering spending their special day here, this guide offers important information.

A picturesque lighthouse, adorned with colourful flags, stands proudly against the backdrop of a serene, boat-filled waterfront scene.
Waterlust the Kaagsociety, a bride and groom standing on a quay at sunset.

Historical Background

Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit, the current clubhouse of the Royal Watersports Association "De Kaag", has its roots dating back to 1910. In that year, the association was founded, and it started with two marinas in Warmond. Seven years later, in 1917, after obtaining the title "Royal", the association bought a small farmhouse on the Kagerplassen. This modest building formed the basis for what is now the Kaagsociëteit. The historic starting tower dates from 1921, and the impressive domed hall was added in 1932.

A bride and groom stand before a crowd at a Waterlust wedding.
A wedding day celebration where a group of people gleefully throw paper lanterns at a party.
A group of people sitting under a yellow parasol in the evening enjoying the Waterlust at the Kaagsociëteit.

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Capacity and facilities

Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit offers several rooms suitable for various group sizes and atmospheres. The Koepelzaal, overlooking the Kagerplassen, is ideal for larger parties. For a more intimate setting, there is the Hoolwerffzaal, perfect for a smaller dinner or reception.

The Kaagsociëteit is equipped to facilitate both large and intimate weddings:

  • Ceremony: Space for up to 200 guests.
  • Reception: Can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests.
  • Dinner: Suitable for dinners with up to 140 guests.
  • Party: Room for parties with up to 250 guests.
  • Rooms: Two unique rooms are available, suitable for different group sizes and atmospheres.
A breathtaking waterfront wedding ceremony at Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit, held in a round room.
Get married at Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit in Warmond
Waterlust de Kaagsociëteit in Warmond (22)
Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit is a restaurant with a thatched roof and tables outside.

Accessibility and transport

One of the practical aspects to think about when choosing a wedding location is accessibility. Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit is easily accessible by car, with plenty of parking nearby. But one of the unique aspects of the venue is the possibility of being transported by ferry across the Kagerplassen. This not only adds a special touch to your day, but also provides a peaceful and picturesque start to the festivities.

Waterlust the Kaag Society, a bride and groom standing on the front of a boat.
An aerial view of a boat docked at Waterlust.

A unique entrance

Brides and grooms have the option of arriving by boat, an atmospheric and memorable way to start the big day. As you cruise the calm Kagerplassen lakes, you can see your loved ones waiting on the shore, ready to welcome you.

A group of Waterlust boats on a body of water.
The couple Waterlust the Kaagsociety stands proudly beside a boat, exuding elegance and joy on the serene water.

The Magic of the Kagerplassen

Outside the ceremony and festivities, Waterlust offers the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings of the Kagerplassen. A relaxing boat trip is a great way for guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

A black-and-white photograph of a man sitting on a chair at Waterlust.

With its rich history, beautiful surroundings and extensive facilities, it offers Waterlust the Kaagsociëteit a unique and memorable venue for couples looking for the perfect setting for their special day.

Kiss during the ceremony
A Waterlust couple standing on a quay at sunset, captured by the Kaag Society.

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