A beautiful bridal hairstyle will make your wedding day complete!

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Bridal long hair

The bridal hairstyle

A beautiful bridal hairstyle ensures that the most beautiful day of your life is perfect. You shine, you have the love of your life by your side, your family and dearest friends are there to make you wedding day celebrate. And besides the wedding dress of your dreams your bridal hairstyle is then the proverbial 'icing on the cake'.

But every bride has different wishes and a different hair type. Read all about bridal hairstyle options to suit your hair type here.

Bridal hairstyles with short hair

Bridal hairstyles with short hair are beautiful! You can create a beautiful bridal hairstyle with any hair length, including short hair. From short to very short, there are plenty of options. First, always take good care of your hair with a fine shampoo, conditioner and, for example, a nourishing oil. If your hair has a section with a bit more length, you can partly put it up or put a curl in it. What also always works well for bridal hairstyles with short hair is working with accessories. Think pretty diaphors, a nice pin, a hairband in the fabric of your dress or a stylish veil. With a cool short hairstyle, you will rock your wedding!

Bridal hairstyles with long hair

Bridal hairstyles with long hair are then the other extreme when it comes to length. With long hair, a put-up hairstyle is not impossible, but when you have really thick long hair, it quickly becomes very heavy. Often, women with long hair also want to show off their long bun, and they opt for a half-done bridal hairstyle. Fixed at the top, with possibly a braid with or without a ribbon, and a bit looser at the bottom. Of course, you can opt for a more casual version of the traditional bridal hairstyle, or just very tightly coiffed. The choice is entirely up to you!

Bridal hairstyles with mid-length hair: the in-between

In these two extremes, a bridal hairstyle with mid-length hair is the middle ground. Often ladies think their hair is not long enough to create a beautiful bridal hairstyle, but with medium-length hair you can go either way: do you stick it all the way up, make a nonchalant bun or just a loose braid? The possibilities are endless to make you shine on your most beautiful day!

Bridal hairstyle done up or loose: get advice!

Do you want your bridal hairstyle up or down? Whatever length you go for, and whatever your wish: get advice from your hairdresser. Every hair type is different and therefore falls differently. If you have very thick, long and heavy hair, a very fine updo is more difficult to achieve. And at the end of the day, you want to look great in all wedding pictures looking fabulous, and not with a saggy haircut!

Make your wishes known to your hairdresser, he or she has done this many times before and can give you good advice. Curly or straight hair, you can go either way. You can also personalise your hairdo with accessories. Think of a pretty diadem or small pearls in your hair. A veil or tiara can be very classic, but can also add an extra dimension to your hairdo!

Pay as much attention to your hairstyle as to your dress, then the picture is right and your day will be the best of your life. Then all you have to do besides saying 'yes' is to enjoy it!

What bridal hairstyle will you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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