Wedding location Elements Beach in 's-Gravenzande

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Wedding location Elements Beach in 's-Gravenzande

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Elements Beach in 's-Gravenzande

Do you dream of a wedding on the beach? Elements Beach in 's-Gravenzande promises an unforgettable experience. Located in the heart of Westland, this wedding location a unique combination of sea, sand and romance, perfect for couples looking for a casual atmosphere.

Elements Beach is a beachfront restaurant offering guests a picturesque setting with tables and chairs.
A candle on the table next to a potted plant, creating a peaceful atmosphere with elements of nature.
Elements Beach - A restaurant on the beach at dusk.

Atmosphere and ambience

Elements Beach's relaxed, natural ambience provides a charming backdrop for a variety of wedding themes such as bohemian, tropical or vintage. The option to celebrate with sand between your toes under the setting sun adds a romantic touch to your big day.

A beach wedding ceremony that many people watch.

Indoor and outdoor weddings

The beach offers a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding. Should the weather be disappointing, Elements Beach's indoor space offers a nice alternative. Thanks to the many windows, the indoor space is very bright, creating a fresh and open atmosphere.

A beach-themed napkin with a fork and knife on top, designed with elements of the coast.
An Elements Beach event with a Mexican buffet.
A beach-themed wedding cake and cupcakes arranged on a wooden table.
A man prepares food on a barbecue on the beach.


Elements Beach's BBQ options are ideal for a casual celebration. With a wide range of culinary choices, from meat and fish to vegetarian and vegan options, there is something for everyone.

A group of people sit at tables in a beach restaurant.

Music and Dance

The opportunity to dance to DJ tunes at the beach provides a lively and festive atmosphere, where brides and grooms and guests can enjoy an unforgettable evening of celebration.

Two men in suits walk along a beach road.


Parking is available about a 6-minute walk from the venue. Although it is paid parking, there is enough space to accommodate all guests comfortably.

A woman captures a moment on a beach with a Polaroid camera.
Nature elements captured as bride and groom say their vows at sunset on the sandy beach.

Photography opportunities

The diversity of the environment around Elements Beach offers wonderful photography opportunities. Whether on the beach, in the dunes or in the forest, the variety of backgrounds makes for a rich and varied wedding photo collection.

A bride and groom standing atop beach huts, capturing the charming elements of a seaside wedding.
A bride and groom stand in a cornfield surrounded by the natural elements.
A silhouette of a kissing couple on the beach during sunset, capturing the serene and romantic beach elements.

Quiet beach location

Compared to nearby beaches such as those in Hoek van Holland, the beach at Elements Beach quieter. This serene atmosphere contributes to an intimate and peaceful wedding experience.

A group of girls sit around a pizza table on the beach.
The newlyweds, the bride and groom, strolling along the picturesque beach during an enchanting sunset.

Elements Beach in 's-Gravenzande offers a wonderful mix of natural beauty, flexibility and amenities that will ensure your wedding day will be as unique and special as your love story.

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