Get married in Kasteel de Haar

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Get married in Kasteel de Haar

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castle de haar wedding

A fairytale wedding venue

Wedding location Kasteel de Haar is a great wedding location in the Utrecht village of Haarzuilen with lots of nature and hidden spots. In this article, we tell you about the possibilities when you get married here and let wedding pictures see.

Castle de Haar

Overview of Castle de Haar

Below in the video, you can see how big the wedding venue is along with a number of parks and gardens. The venue is actually much bigger as you can see on the map of the castle.

The possibilities

The wedding ceremony

Retrieved from Castle de Haar it is possible to get married both inside and outside. Both options give you a castle feel, as everything is authentic and entirely in Dutch Neo-Gothic style.

Indoor Ceremony Castle de Haar
Outdoor Ceremony Castle de Haar


The reception can be on two different locations be held, at the Tuynhuis and in the Coach House.

The Garden House

The Tuynhuis sits on the moat of the castle. This location is oriented to the west, giving you plenty of sunlight at the end of the day.

Garden house Castle de Haar
Garden house Castle de Haar

The Coach House

At the entrance of Castle de Haar you will find the Coach House. This is often where the wedding party is held because of the large indoor locations. Here you will find the restaurant and the ballroom. The banquet hall is large enough for a band to perform.

The Coach House Castle de Haar
The Coach House Castle de Haar
The Coach House wedding party Kasteel de Haar


With your own transport, you can drive up to the castle. However, this must be indicated at reception.

Entrance to Castle de Haar Justin Manders Photography

People with disabilities

A golf cart can be arranged for the physically challenged.

Golf cart Castle de Haar

The location shoot

To photograph on Castle de Haar we recommend bringing fine shoes. It is a huge place and it therefore takes time to walk around the beautiful places like the maze, the many beautiful water ponds, the forests, the castle gardens, bridges and, of course, the Castle.

Get married at Kasteel de Haar
Castle de haar panorama Utrecht Justin Manders Photography
Wedding ceremony outside Kasteel de Haar

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