Casual Chic at the wedding

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Dress code: Casual Chic

This style is simple, elegant ánd personal and therefore one of the most chosen dress codes at weddings: Casual Chic. To learn more about a Casual Chic wedding, in this article we tell you all about this popular dress code.

What is casual chic?

Casual Chic is a is a broad, accessible dress code with simple guidelines. Almost anyone can put together a great Casual Chic outfit with their existing wardrobe. As a result, guests are not obliged to run to the shop when receiving wedding invitations. A Casual Chic outfit consists of a balance of casual items and, you guessed it, chic items. For example, you wear neat trousers on a simple short-sleeved shirt. You then pair this with a smart shoe. You can also wear a casual outfit and combine it with chic accessories and an elegant hairstyle.

Casual chic for women

Many women can put together dozens of 'Casual Chic' outfits with their current wardrobe. Think of a simple white blouse on a nice pair of trousers. Black pumps or smart trainers underneath and voilá: you have a perfect 'Casual Chic' outfit. Would you rather go for a dress? Of course you can. Is the dress too Chic? Then combine it with a casual bun or simple accessories. Make sure the 'casual' and 'Chic' are in balance.

Casual Chic for men

Casual chic for men

Casual Chic is a typical 'office outfit' for men. You don't go in your tights, but neither do you go in a three-piece suit. For example, go for trousers, a simple shirt and neat shoes. To complete the picture, a neat belt, ring or watch can be a good addition to the outfit.

Casual Chic Style
Casual chic look

Outfit inspiration

You now have an idea of the dress code. Still, putting together an outfit can be tricky. How do you solve this? Visit a clothing shop and ask for advice. Many salespeople are eager to help you! You can also take a look at Pinterest. Search 'Casual Chic,' and browse the many inspiration folders.

Tune in to the accommodation

You can go in many directions with this style. It is therefore useful to also match your outfit to the accommodation. A blazer on a pair of trousers suits a wedding in the town hall better than a wedding on the beach. In nature, a wide skirt or trousers with a nice blouse or jumper would be more appropriate. So make sure the outfit matches the ambiance of the venue.

Low budget

Shopping for a new outfit is fun, but not essential. A nice 'Casual Chic' outfit doesn't have to be expensive at all. A necklace or handbag, instantly makes a simple blouse or turtleneck look classic! A chic hairstyle with natural make-up, can make a simple outfit shine.

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