The perfect group photo frame for your wedding

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group photo frame wedding

The perfect group photo frame for your wedding

It seems simple but taking photos with different people at a wedding can be treacherous. With limited time, your day may turn out differently as you hoped. Here's how to make the group photo perfect and make the day all the more fun.

1. Planning the group photos

Group photos should be 2 things and that is fun and quick. The biggest mistake you can make is that it will take too long and that is not fun for anyone. People who have already been in the photo need to move on nicely again. Therefore, always start with the big groups first so that most can go back.

These are usually the 3 group photo moments: after the firstlook, after the ceremony, during the reception.
Where after the firstlook, families are often photographed and after the ceremony the group photo is taken with all the day's guests. During the reception, most combinations are photographed.

Group wedding photos

2. Combinations + examples

Large groups Medium-sized groups Small groups
Everyone Both families Parents
Hello guests Family bride Grandparents
Evening guests Family groom Brothers + Sisters
Family Bride Friends + girlfriends Pet
Family Groom All children
All women Witnesses
All men


Large groups example:

Time: 13:30-14:00 (After the ceremony)
Location: St James' Church 

  • Photo with all present
  • Family Bride
  • Family Groom

Medium-sized groups example:

Time: 16:30-17:00 (after cake)
Location: Ter Werve

  • Group photo of both families:
    -1 Hans Manders (father groom)
    -2 Marleen Manders (mother groom)
    -3 Sophie Manders (sister groom, ceremony master)
    -4 Badri van Dijk (husband Sophie)
    -5 Sjors Manders (brother groom)
    -6 Thomas Manders (brother groom)
    -7 Ralph Burger (father Bride)
    -8 Jannie Burger (mother Bride)
    -9 Niek Burger (Brother Bride)

Small groups example:

Time: 16:30-17:00 (after cake)
Location: Ter Werve

  • Group photo all parents + Bridal couple:
    -1 Hans Manders (father groom)
    -2 Marleen Manders (mother groom)
    -3 Ralph Burger (father Bride)
    -4 Jannie Burger (mother Bride)
  • Group photo parents Bride + Bridal couple:
    -1 Ralph Burger (father Bride)
    -2 Jannie Burger (mother Bride)
Group wedding photos

3. Tips on taking group photos

  • The announcer

To make the group photos go twice as fast, an announcer is needed. This can be the ceremony master if he or she knows the families. What works even better is if there are two announcers. One from each family so together they know who everyone is. The announcers collect the next two group photos each time.

  • The photobooth

When you want lots of spontaneous group photos with your guests, the photobooth is great fun to take a photo with someone without obligations. Click here To see our photobooth.

  • Go through the group photos with the photographer

Based on the location and the amount of group photos. It is always useful to go through how long you will be working for approximately. In case of bad weather, you can then immediately come up with a plan B.

  • Children and older first

Children are impatient and older ones cannot stand for long therefore they are among the first to go. For the older ones, therefore, it is convenient to bring a chair if they are not well on their feet for the group photos. If they are in a wheelchair but can stand, I ask what they like. If they want to sit in a chair, I place two to four chairs in the group.

Children as one of the first but not the very first because they need to see how to be in the group photo first. These photos need to be done quickly. Start with the normal photos first and make the photos a little crazier each time.

Parents still sometimes want to give input but this should be stopped by the photographer as soon as possible because the children will stop listening.

  • Plan only the important group photos and leave the rest spontaneous.

Make two lists: One with the must-have group photos and a second with people you would like to have your photo taken with when there is time or when you are talking to them.

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