What does a wedding photographer cost?

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What does a wedding photographer cost?

Reading time 9 Minutes

Costs wedding photographer

What Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

Choosing the right wedding photographer is not just about finding someone within your budget fits, but also about finding someone whose style and approach suit you. It is an investment in memories that will last a lifetime, so it is crucial to make the right decision.

Wedding photography costs can vary widely, but to give a general idea, wedding photographers often charge a 'starting price' for the first 6 hours, for example €1500. However, the fee is not just for the time spent at the wedding itself. It also includes time spent editing photos, travel time, communication with the bride and groom, and other running costs.

Costs wedding photographer

Price factors

The Importance of Professionalism

The award also reflects the professionalism and experience of the photographer. An experienced photographer not only has the technical skills to create stunning photographs, but also understands the dynamics of weddings, can capture unexpected moments and ensures a smooth and stress-free experience.

What's in the package?

When considering the cost of a wedding photographer, it is also important to look at exactly what is included in the package. This can range from the number of hours the photographer will be present, to the number of edited photos you receive, whether or not there will be a second photographer included in the price, and whether prints or albums are part of the package.

Transparency on Costs

Open and honest communication about the cost of wedding photography is essential. This helps avoid surprises and ensures that the bride and groom and the photographer on the same page. Costs should be explained clearly and in detail so that the bride and groom know exactly what they are paying for.

Costs wedding photographer

The Value of Time

It is also important to realise that the cost of a wedding photographer relate not only to the time spent on the wedding day itself is spent. There are plenty of other tasks that the photographer performs, such as preparation, post-processing of the photos, communication with the bride and groom, and album design and ordering if necessary. All these factors contribute to the final cost.

Costs wedding photographer

Cost items for Wedding Photographers

A wedding photographer Being is not just art and romance. It is also a business, and like any other business, it comes with different costs. Besides the obvious costs for equipment, such as cameras, lenses, flashes and other photographic accessories, there are other expenses that are often overlooked.

Advertising costs are a big part of expenses. In a world where online presence and visibility are crucial, wedding photographers need to invest in marketing and advertising to stand out in a saturated market. This can range from costs for maintaining a professional website, SEO optimisation, to ads on social media and wedding-related platforms.

Insurance is another major expense. This includes not only insurance for equipment, which can be worth thousands of euros and must be protected against theft or damage, but also liability insurance. These cover possible legal claims that may arise from incidents during a wedding.

Taxes are an inevitable part of running a business. Depending on the legal form of the business, wedding photographers have to consider income tax, corporate tax, VAT and other possible tax liabilities.

And then there are day-to-day operational costs. This includes everything from transport (to and from weddings, engagement sessions, etc.) to administrative costs such as accounting software, billing and contract management tools, and even professional development such as workshops, courses and conferences.

Finally, like everyone else, wedding photographers also need to consider their basic needs - rent or mortgage, utilities, food, healthcare, pension funds, etc. All these factors play a role in how a wedding photographer determines his or her rates.

Understanding these costs gives more context to wedding photographer prices and helps couples make a more informed choice when choosing the right one photographer for their big day.


Every photographer determines its rates in a different way. We often see photographers using the systems below.

A la carte

In an A la Carte system, an photographer with a fixed hourly rate at which you can buy most products and services separately. As a result, the hourly rate is relatively low, but the price can still rise considerably when ordering different services. Think of post-processing and creating an album.

Costs wedding photographer

Package prices

Many wedding photographers work with package prices. This is often an A, B, C package. In this, for A you get the least and for C you get the most. Think photography hours and any photo albums.

Costs wedding photographer

All inclusive

A less popular way of pricing is the system we use ourselves. This is the so-called All inclusive package. With this package, all services are included in the hourly rate. Think of all hours of post-processing, processing the pictures, the creation of a wedding album and a travel allowance. At first, the hourly rate seems high, but because all services are included, the cost afterwards falls the same, or even cheaper, than with the other pricing systems.

Costs wedding photographer

Why invest in a wedding photographer?

Hiring a wedding photographer is a good investment. You only get married once and before you know it, your beautiful day will be over! With beautiful, high-quality wedding pictures you can reminisce and enjoy this beautiful day for years to come. It is important that you are happy with the pictures and not stare at a small, mediocre photo selection with a 'what-if' feeling.

The Role of the Wedding Photographer

Understanding what a wedding photographer does is an essential part of understanding costs. It is more than just capturing the day. It is also about creating a relationship with the bride and groom, understanding their vision and working to capture it. This requires skills in communication, planning and, of course, photography.

Costs wedding photographer

Budgetproof wedding photography

Also on the cost of a wedding photographer can be saved. You can choose to hire a cheap hobby photographer. For the hobby photographer, this is a cool exercise from which he or she will learn a lot and for you, this is a cheaper option. Unfortunately, hiring a hobby photographer does involve some risks. Of course, you can assume that the photographer is fully committed to creating a beautiful reportage. Still, there is a chance that the pictures do not meet your needs. Perhaps were shot at the wrong time or poorly exposed. This is of course unfortunate; the wedding day don't do you over.

Costs wedding photographer

Why invest in professional wedding photography?

Engaging a professional wedding photographer brings many benefits. It is an investment, but you get a lot in return! Below, we discuss the biggest benefits of professional wedding photographers.


A wedding photographer is involved in weddings on a daily basis. He or she knows exactly what works and what doesn't on pictures. Think about lighting, timing, compositions, but also communication. A professional knows exactly how to put people at ease and, in the case of posed pictures explaining well how and where people should stand. Great care is taken to capture the atmosphere and the bride and groom's requests and ideas are professionally addressed. Because of the skill, you will receive the assurance of wedding pictures that meet your expectations and ideas.

Costs wedding photographer


A professional wedding photographer has a lot of experience in post-processing wedding photos. Most hobby photographers do not have this. Of course, there are always hobby photographers who do know a lot about this, but there are also photographers who have the pictures deliver unprocessed. This is a waste. To guarantee professionally processed pictures it is best to rely on a professional photographer.

Costs wedding photographer

Back-up network

Many professional wedding photographers have a back-up network. Unlike with a hobby photographer, you don't have to be at a loss if the photographer.

Costs wedding photographer
Costs wedding photographer

Spotting the best moments

A wedding is beautiful, but hectic. All sorts of things happen at once. Some family members see each other for the first time in years, the venue is admired and lots of hugs are exchanged. A professional wedding photographer is an experienced multitasker. He or she knows how to spot and capture all the beautiful moments. As a result, no beautiful moments are lost and all beautiful moments are captured. The emotions splashes guaranteed from the pictures off!

Costs wedding photographer

Technical knowledge

A professional wedding photographer through experience and methodology, has gained a lot of technical knowledge of light and equipment. Even if a hobby photographer has the latest equipment at his disposal, this unfortunately does not guarantee good pictures. It is the knowledge and experience that makes a picture shine.

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