20 emotional & special wedding photos

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20 emotional & special wedding photos

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special wedding photos

Extraordinary wedding photos from the past year (2022)

These special wedding photos have a story or a technique that makes them different from other wedding photos. The past wedding season saw many different special wedding photo moments.

Fresh look father wedding Naaldwijk Justin Manders Photography

1. Bride gives father a hug during first look. Hairdresser shoots full.

Wedding ring on the right hand

2. Bride gives extra strength to put on groom's ring.

Bouquet throwing Wedding Justin Manders Photography

3. Bride throws bridal bouquet and is photographed at the right moment. Guests watch along in the background.

4. Bride and groom walk through beautiful light in a large apple orchard.

5. Goat was curious and the other casts in the back peered in.

6. Bride and groom were not allowed to see each other yet.

7. Bride walks down the stairs for the first look. The handkerchiefs were already ready on the stair pillar but were not needed.

Tenue de ville

8. Groom breaks down after being thrown in the air a few times.

Wedding ceremony Dance Creation Naaldwijk Church Justin Manders Photography

9. A performance of dance creation for the bride who is also a teacher there.

10. Tears of happiness when the groom saw his bride for the first time.


special wedding photos

1. Bride shows off her crocs at the start of the ceremony. Groom walks away and waves goodbye.

special wedding photos

2. Lisa also got to be a princess. Grandma helps change and proud mum takes a look.

wedding pictures

3. This landscape portrait was made with the reflection of a mobile, so it looks like they are in the water. Because it was a lake, you can still see the waves in the reflection. Mobile borrowed from the videographer.

special wedding photos

4. Groom released box full of butterflies to commemorate a death. Of all the butterflies, one remained on his suit. Mother-in-law gives comfort and family and friends applaud.

special wedding photos

5. Groom holds roof of car on highway because roof did not click closed properly.

special wedding photos Monastery Bethlehem

6. Bride jeers as two friends vie for bouquet.

special wedding photos Bridal couple with guests dancing around them. Wedding photographer Justin Manders

7. Pure love towards the bride and groom.

special wedding photos

8. Mother could not talk but could express herself.

Wedding photographer special wedding photos

9. After the opening dance with the bride there was a dance with Lisa.

special wedding photos

10. Friends of the bride had used an age filter. "Grandma of the class" was sung.

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    So proud of you and such beautiful wedding photos.
    Keep up the good work and more.

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    Good job Justin and Nathalie

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