20 emotional & special wedding photos

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20 emotional & special wedding photos

Reading Time 5 Minutes

special wedding photos

Special wedding photos from the past year.

These special wedding photos have a story or a technique that makes them different from other wedding photos. The past wedding season saw many different special wedding photo moments.


A bride and her bridesmaids dance at a wedding reception.

1. Bride had rehearsed a dance together with her bridesmaids.

A man hugs father during a Wedding Photo at the perfect wedding ceremony.

2. Father gives son a hug with a tear in his eye as he gives it away.

A bride and groom cutting a wedding cake.

3. Everyone joins in giving the first bite wedding cake.

A bride giving a thumbs-up in front of a mirror on her perfect wedding day, captured by the wedding photographer.

4. Bride makes sense of the day while getting ready a few moments before the ceremony.

The perfect wedding moment captured by the professional wedding photographer: a bride and groom dancing at their reception.

5. Bride and groom dance in the midst of all friends and family. Bride shoots in laughter.

A woman in a wheelchair taking the perfect Wedding Photo of a wedding.

6. Grandma always took photographs and couldn't resist on the wedding day.

A girl looks at herself in a mirror.

7. While waiting to go to the ceremony space, daughter pulled a few more goofy faces.

A bride in wedding dress holds a wedding card.

8. Bride couldn't make sense of it when reading a thank-you note.

A bride and groom kiss during their wedding ceremony.

9. At the kiss, the sunlight shone exactly on their faces,

A bride and groom kiss during their wedding ceremony.

10. Bride and groom kiss each other while guests have a range of emotion.

A man in a suit signs a document with a little boy.

11. Son of bride and groom photo-bombs while drawing.

A bride and groom stand in front of a house.

12. Neighbours wish bride and groom happiness.

A bride and groom leaning against the door of a vintage car.

13. This picture had to be taken. The car never looked so beautiful.

A group of people standing on a boat during the perfect wedding party, with coloured smoke creating a beautiful wedding photographer moment.

14. Smoke bombs during the group photo on the boat where they had a sailing before this.


A bride hugs her father in the living room, capturing a heartfelt moment between them on their wedding day.

1. Bride gives father a hug during first look. Hairdresser shoots full.

Extraordinary wedding photos of a smiling couple during their first dance.

2. Bride gives extra strength to put on groom's ring.

A bride and groom walking along a path in a garden, capturing the essence of special wedding photography.

3. Bride throws bridal bouquet and is photographed at the right moment. Guests watch along in the background.

An aerial view of a person walking through a field of trees taking special wedding photos.

4. Bride and groom walk through beautiful light in a large apple orchard.

A group of people pose for a photo with a goat during special wedding photos.

5. Goat was curious and the other casts in the back peered in.

A man in a blue suit taking special wedding photos in front of a mirror.

6. Bride and groom were not allowed to see each other yet.

A bride gracefully walks down the stairs in her wedding dress, creating extraordinary wedding photos.

7. Bride walks down the stairs for the first look. The handkerchiefs were already ready on the stair pillar but were not needed.

A group of groomsmen taking special wedding photos.

8. Groom breaks down after being thrown in the air a few times.

A group of dancers in white dresses perform in a church.

9. A performance of dance creation for the bride who is also a teacher there.

A bride and groom walking down the aisle with balloons and taking special wedding photos

10. Tears of happiness when the groom saw his bride for the first time.


A bride and groom hold balloons in a room, creating extraordinary wedding photos.

1. Bride shows off her crocs at the start of the ceremony. Groom walks away and waves goodbye.

A woman helps a girl put on her wedding dress and takes special wedding photos.

2. Lisa also got to be a princess. Grandma helps change and proud mum takes a look.

Extraordinary wedding photos of a bride and groom standing in front of a lake.

3. This landscape portrait was made with the reflection of a mobile, so it looks like they are in the water. Because it was a lake, you can still see the waves in the reflection. Mobile borrowed from the videographer.

Extraordinary wedding photos of a bride and groom hugging each other during their wedding ceremony.

4. Groom released box full of butterflies to commemorate a death. Of all the butterflies, one remained on his suit. Mother-in-law gives comfort and family and friends applaud.

A black Porsche 356 speedster driving down the highway taking special wedding photos.

5. Groom holds roof of car on highway because roof did not click closed properly.

A special wedding photo of a bride and her bridesmaids.

6. Bride jeers as two friends vie for bouquet.

A group of people dancing in a field and taking special wedding photos.

7. Pure love towards the bride and groom.

Bridesmaids get ready in a room with a woman in a wheelchair and take special wedding photos.

8. Mother could not talk but could express herself.

A man kneels down in front of a special wedding photo board.

9. After the opening dance with the bride there was a dance with Lisa.

A bride and groom walking elegantly across the dance floor and taking special wedding photos.

10. Friends of the bride had used an age filter. "Grandma of the class" was sung.

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