Wedding location Het Rijk van de Keizer in Amsterdam

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Wedding location Het Rijk van de Keizer in Amsterdam

Reading Time 4 Minutes

A bride in a white dress standing in The Empire of the Emperor, a dark room transformed into an enchanting wedding venue.

If you are looking for a unique, creative place to celebrate your love and make your wedding vows, the Rijk van de Keizer in Amsterdam is a place you should consider. Located among Amsterdam's meadows in the Gardens of West, this venue offers a mix of historical charm and modern amenities that will make your wedding day truly special.

A table with lots of food on it.
At The Empire of the Emperor, a long table is set up in a large room.

The Setting

The Empire of the Emperor is more than just another wedding location. It is a place where creativity and love come together against a backdrop of natural beauty. You can say your wedding vows in the open air, toast and have drinks in the courtyard garden, dine in the rustic guardhouse and dance in the cool industrial ballroom. The two historic buildings on the grounds can be decorated to any atmosphere and setting you wish, giving you the freedom to bring your dream wedding to life.

A bride and groom walk along a path in a garden.

Accessibility and parking

With plenty of free parking and wheelchair access, the Empire of the Emperor is an accessible venue for all your guests. Whether they come by car or have special accessibility needs, everyone will be comfortable and have easy access to the festivities.

A chef prepares food in a kitchen.
A close-up of a wedding cake with flowers on top.
A wedding cake on a table in front of a tree at The Empire of the Emperor.

Culinary Experiences

The cuisine at the Empire of the Emperor is one of fantasy and fresh, quality ingredients. Here, your wedding will be celebrated with theatrical dishes on large platters, cakes with edible flowers and fireworks, and tasty snacks. Whether it's a walking dinner, shared dining, a BBQ or an elaborate buffet, the culinary experience will be tailored to your preferences. Moreover, organic and seasonal produce is cooked as much as possible, with some of the ingredients coming straight from the venue's own vegetable garden.

A group of people at a party in a warehouse.
Confetti is thrown at a wedding reception.

Technical Facilities

Whether you have a band, a DJ, or a playlist, the venue's sound and lighting system will make sure the music and lighting are just right. A projector and screen are also available for sharing videos or presentations with your guests.

A man stands in front of a crowd of people.

Capacity and spaces

The Empire of the Emperor offers various spaces and locations that can be used for a wedding day, each with their own unique atmosphere and capacity:

At The Empire of the Emperor, a long table is set up in a large room.
A group of people sit at a table in a restaurant.

Room E (Above) :

  • Capacity:
  • Theatre seating: 150 people
  • Lunch and/or dinner (seated): 150 people
  • Drinks and/or party: 200 people
  • Dimensions:
  • Width: 7 metres
  • Length: 19 metres
  • Height: 5 metres to the ridge, with 7 wooden rafters at 3 metres.
A room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.
A room with lots of food on top.
A bride and groom dance at a wedding reception.

Room F (Above) :

  • Capacity:
  • Theatre seating: 100 people
  • Lunch and/or dinner (seated): 100 people
  • Drinks and/or party: 250 people
  • Dimensions:
  • Width: 10 metres
  • Length: 18 metres
  • Height: 7 metres to the ridge, with 3 steel trusses, the highest truss is at 2.8 metres and 2.5 metres at the lowest point.
A wedding ceremony in a greenhouse.
An outdoor wedding ceremony at The Empire of the Emperor.
Flowers in a pot on a terrace.

Indoor garden (Above) :

  • Dimensions:
  • Width: 8 metres
  • Length: 19 metres
  • The indoor garden has a canopy and heaters, making it a suitable venue for outdoor activities whatever the weather.
A group of people sit at a table in a room.
A bunch of burlap bags with cards attached.
A group of people pose for a photo in a field.

The total capacity of The Empire of the Emperor, divided between the two rooms (Room E and Room F), is 450 people, but larger numbers of guests can be accommodated by arrangement with the venue.

In addition, there are two historic buildings on the site, Buildings E and F, which are described as unique and with their own unique appearance. These buildings are located in the cultural business park The 1800 Roeden, and were part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam in the last century.

A group of people dance in the forest.

Reviews from google

The Empire of the Emperor is highly rated by both guests and couples who have celebrated their big day there. The venue is described as breathtaking and unique, with the natural and atmospheric setting often praised. The team receives many compliments for their friendliness and excellent service, contributing to a memorable experience. A delicious dinner, good service and a fine ambience are also often mentioned as positives. The artwork in the garden and ample parking are also appreciated. Although the venue is considered somewhat difficult to reach without a car, The Empire of the Emperor is highly recommended for celebrating weddings and other special occasions, looking back on atmospheric and special celebrations.

A pair of gold wedding rings on a table.
A bride and groom kiss under a tree at The Empire of the Emperor.

The Empire of the Emperor is a top place to get married. In the middle of greenery, with a friendly and helpful team ready to help you. When you arrive, you immediately feel the nice atmosphere. The food is delicious and there is plenty of space to park your car. It is a bit remote, but that is what makes it so peaceful and beautiful. A wedding here is just a great experience!

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