The wedding photographer | 3 things to look out for when searching

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wedding photographer

The wedding photographer

3 things to look out for when searching

Your wedding day dawns! After months of preparation, you finally say yes to each other. It is important to have a nice memento of this. A wedding photographer transforms all the important moments, emotions and atmosphere into unique images. By investing in a wedding photographer, you are guaranteed a beautiful set of photos that you will enjoy for a lifetime. In this article, we will discuss the 3 most important skills of a professional wedding photographer.

Social skills

A wedding photographer is not only a professional in the field of wedding pictures, but is also trained in social skills. A photographer gets nowhere without strong communication! Below, we tell you all about the social skills of a wedding photographer.

Capturing emotion

Capturing emotions is easier said than done. A wedding photographer has what it takes to capture your special moments as purely as possible. A photographer knows better than anyone that it can be exciting to pose, especially if you have never done this before. The wedding photographer is trained in communicating with his or her clients. The photographer has a smooth chat, so you will quickly feel at ease. The best way for you to stand is explained in detail, so that you will appear relaxed and comfortable in the picture.


As wedding photographer is good communication essential. With strong communication, people know what to expect and move flexibly with a photographer's ideas. A wedding photographer is able to capture large groups of people beautifully, orderly and spontaneously. He or she smoothly instructs what kind of photo will be taken and what is expected of your guests. A wedding photographer also often works together with a second shooter. This photographer performs supporting tasks and often shoots from a different angle. Regularly, the professionals communicate via an earpiece, giving each other instructions and assignments. Together, the photographers work on the perfect series of photos.


An experienced wedding photographer is a star at organisation. The photographer spots the ideal spots for group photos and brings in the right ideas at the right moments. This results in many series of spontaneous, yet well-ordered pictures with cool light and beautiful compositions. This way, the photographer avoids messy-looking photos and works together with your guests to create beautiful pictures you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Anticipation wedding photographer


Anticipation is also key when wedding photographer. So much happens in a short time; a photographer should be aware of this! A wedding photographer thinks two steps ahead throughout the day. He or she knows better than anyone how important anticipation is and is ready for minutes at the important moments to shoot the perfect photo. Below, we discuss the benefits of good anticipation.


A professional wedding photographer is involved in weddings all year round. Like no other, the photographer knows how a wedding day goes, what compositions and lighting work well in different locations, when to take photos and how different types of people react to the camera. His experience allows the photographer to respond quickly to different situations.

Getting married in a church, wedding planning


A wedding photographer knows better than anyone how important good preparation is. The photographer takes into account the light and weather conditions and, based on this, takes equipment to support these conditions. The location and time are also taken into account. Is it a dark location, or is there a lot of light? What areas of the room are suitable for clicking photos for long periods of time? How much time is there for taking photos during the ceremony? The photographer carefully keeps track of the schedule and knows which moments will take place in the coming hours. In advance, the photographer considers what light and what compositions are appropriate at these moments, ensuring the photographer is well prepared when the moment arrives. As a result, an experienced wedding photographer does not miss a single special moment!

Solution-oriented thinking

You can assume that no wedding day goes off without a hitch. The day has a tight schedule; of course, things go wrong sometimes! A wedding photographer knows this. He or she is trained in solution-oriented thinking. Not enough time? The professional knows where the priorities lie. Something wrong with the equipment? The photographer knows how to deal with this too. In short: no time for worries. An experienced wedding photographer comes up with a suitable solution for every problem!


A wedding photographer thinks in pure images. Does the light change? The photographer does not think about this for a second. Within no time, the photographer has adjusted his camera's settings. After all, setting the camera and flash have been on autopilot for years.

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