The role of witnesses at a wedding

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The role of witnesses at a wedding

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Mother as witnesses at wedding

The role of witnesses at a wedding

After the wedding rings have been exchanged, the marriage is signed. Here, the witnesses are very important because without them, the marriage is not legally valid. In this article, we talk about the role of witnesses at the wedding and everything that comes with it.

Sister as witnesses at wedding

What is a witness?

Witnesses are there to prove that a couple is actually married should anything happen to the marriage certificate. You must therefore have at least 2 witnesses to declare the marriage ceremony valid.

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This does a witness

After the bride and groom sign first, the witnesses are called in turn or in pairs by the Babs.

In the marriage certificate, both the left and right sheets must be signed. The reason for this is because one copy is kept in the vault of the municipality where the certificate was made. The other part is stored in a secret repository. This is also done with birth and death certificates.

After the wedding certificate is signed, the Babs indicates whether you can stay with the bride and groom or sit back on your chair. Your job (for now) is done !

Take care when drawing

  • Together with the bride and groom, the Babs and those 4 witnesses, it can be 7 signatures on a small piece of A4 paper. Therefore, be careful not to make it too big but not too small either. As long as it leaves room for 7 signatures.
  • Besides everyone looking at you when you sign autographs. You also have to smile at the camera. Always useful to mentally prepare for that.

How many witnesses can you choose?

You may ask for a maximum of 4 witnesses. Usually, 4 witnesses are also asked, but this is entirely your own choice. As long as there are at least 2. From which side the witnesses come does not matter. For example, 3 witnesses may be from the bride and only 1 from the groom.

Who can you choose as witnesses?

You may have family, friends, acquaintances or even the wedding photographer ask as witnesses. This does not really matter, as long as they are over 18 and have a valid ID.

The only people you can't ask is the Babs because they already sign and children, but more on this later. However, it is an honour to be a witness, so give the task to someone who deserves it and someone you trust because without witnesses, the wedding day falls apart.

Getting children to sign at a wedding Justin Manders Photography

Getting children to draw

You may have your children sign symbolically. For this, you can make or buy your own children's certificate. This may be signed during the ceremony after all the official documents have been signed.

Children's deed

How do you ask a witness?

Most people do not know what it means to be a witness, but they do know that it is an honourable duty. It is customary to give a small gift as a token of appreciation but this is not compulsory. It is, however, a good excuse to go out to dinner.

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Are you yourself witnessedgene Or are you a bride or groom and have questions? Let us know in the reactions!

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