A photobooth at your wedding

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A photobooth at your wedding

Reading Time 6 Minutes

Two women in a photobooth at a wedding while holding up photos.

Photobooth hire at your wedding

15 incredibly fun ideas & practical tips

When renting a photobooth at your wedding, a lot is possible. We have more than 7 years of experience making photobooths, hiring them out and, of course, taking photos ourselves. With these ideas & tips, the photobooth even more fun!

Photobooth guestbook

1. Places for photos

A photobooth at your wedding is not complete without a special place for the photos. The guest book is a classic option for storing those crazy and memorable moments. But why not get a little creative? Hang the photos from a pretty ribbon or a piece of string. Use pegs or paper clips to hang the photos.

Photobooth signs

2. Explanatory signs

Avoid confusing your guests by giving clear instructions. A sign with a short, clear explanation of what they can do with the photobooth and the photos is a useful addition. Don't forget to mention that they will also receive the photos digitally. Keep the explanation short and sweet, so your guests can quickly get down to posing and smiling!

Photobooth hire at your wedding

3. A small group photo frame

Want to make sure certain groups of people are photographed together? Make a small list of group photos that you would love to have, complete with a check box and pencil. So you can be sure to get that perfect photo of your friends and family together.

Supplier in photo wedding
Supplier in photo wedding
Supplier in photo wedding
Supplier in photo wedding

4. Taking photos with suppliers

Don't forget to also invite the suppliers, who worked so hard to make your day special, to the photobooth. It is a fun way to thank them and make them part of the happy memories.

Photobooth hire at your wedding

5. poses & actions grab bag

Sometimes it's hard to know how to pose for a photobooth. A grab bag full of different poses and actions can inspire guests and make the photos even more fun. You can also use our Photobooth Pose Generator use for even more inspiration!

Photobooth hire at your wedding

6. Props & games

Most photobooth rental companies offer props, but you can never have enough of them! Buy extra props from shops like Action, Big Bazar or Etsy. Hats, glasses, text on sticks - anything goes. Also consider adding mini games, such as juggling, to add to the photobooth even more interactive.

Photobooth location

7. Creative Backgrounds

Where you get the photobooth places can affect the background of your photos. In nice weather, you can use the photobooth outside with the wedding location as a background. If you want something more unique, you can also create a stylised set to match the theme of the wedding.

Photobooth prince

Print formats & Layouts

Photobooths can print photos in different sizes. The most popular options are 10 x 15 cm and 5 x 15 cm. Depending on the size, layouts can vary. Let your guests choose from different layouts so that each photo is unique. It's your day, but give your guests the freedom to be creative!

photoboooth photo frames

9. A picture frame

A picture frame at the photobooth can be a fun way to bring guests closer together. You can also write the names of the bride and groom and the date on the frame to make it even more personal. Plus, a photo frame makes any photo Instagram-worthy!

A collage of photos of people posing in a photobooth at a wedding.

10. Canvas, album and photo collage

After the grand celebration of your wedding, you will have digital photos of the photobooth received. This is your chance to get really creative! You can put all the photos together on one large canvas or print. This can create a beautiful work of art that you can hang proudly in your home, as an ongoing reminder of your special day. Another option is to create a photo album, where each page is filled with the happy faces of your beloved guests. Or maybe you want to create a large collage of individual photos, each with their own unique memory.

Photobooth hire at your wedding

11. A Chalkboard

A chalkboard can add a fun and personal touch to your photobooth. On this, guests can write their own messages, such as a counter for the number of beers they have had, or a special congratulations to the bride and groom. This can create an interactive experience, making the photobooth is not only a place to take photos, but also a place to share messages and wishes.

Photobooth hire at your wedding

12. The location of the photobooth

The location of the photobooth can have a big impact on how much it is used. It should be placed somewhere easily accessible but not in the way of the other festivities. Consider placing it in a corner so that it is visible but not the centrepiece of the event. And remember, whether you place it inside or outside, depending on the weather, it should be well-lit so that the photos are bright and clear.

A colourful set of four squares, perfect for a photobooth at a wedding.

13. styled prints

One of the most exciting aspects of a photobooth at a wedding is the opportunity to personalise it completely. For example, if you have a bohemian style wedding, you can choose to change the background and props of the photobooth in this style. Or maybe you want to match the prints to the colour scheme of your wedding. The possibilities are endless!

Guestbook writing photobooth

14. Ways to stick the photos on

If you decide to make a photo album or collage, you need a reliable way to stick the photos on. This can be done with photo stickers, a Pritt pen, or double-sided adhesive pads. Each of these methods has its own advantages, so choose the one that suits you best.

green screen photobooth
green screen photobooth

15. Using a green screen

For those who really want to get creative with their photobooth, a green screen can be an exciting option. This allows you to put any background you want on the photos. Perhaps you want a photo with the bride and groom in the background, or you want the theme of the wedding extra emphasis. While a green screen may not always be the most timeless choice, it can add a touch of humour and fun to the photos.

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