Photobooth hire at your wedding

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Photobooth hire wedding

Photobooth hire at your wedding

15 incredibly fun ideas & practical tips

When renting a photobooth at your wedding, a lot is possible. We have more than 7 years of experience making photobooths, renting them out and, of course, taking photos ourselves. With these ideas & tips, the photobooth will be even more fun!

1. Places for photos

The guest book is most often used to stick the photos in, but you can also hang the photos on, for example, a piece of wedding. Pegs or paper clips are needed to hang the photos.

Photobooth signs

2. Explanatory signs

A brief explanation is always useful to get guests started with the photobooth. This way, you can tell them what you want to do with the photos. You can also tell them that they will also get the photos digitally later. Make the explanation short and clear.

3. A small group photo frame

If you want pictures of certain people with each other, you can hang a small list of group photos with a check box and pencil.

4. Taking photos with suppliers

Invite suppliers to be photographed as well. After all, they also contribute to the wedding day.

5. poses & actions grab bag

Standing in front of the photobooth, it is not uncommon to not know what to do next. For example, you can create a grab bag of poses and actions so friends and family know what they can do. This will make the photos even more fun!

6. Props & games

Renting a photobooth usually comes with props but you never have enough of them. So you can buy extra props at action, big bazar or etsy. These could be hats, glasses or sticks with text. You can also think of mini games such as juggling.

7. Creative Backgrounds

At the wedding, depending on the weather, you can place the photobooth inside and outside. This way, you can use the wedding venue itself as the background so you can see everyone at the wedding.

It is also possible to create a styled set with the theme of the wedding, for example.

Print formats & Layouts

A photobooth can print out many different sizes. For example, the most common formats are 10 x 15 cm and 5 x 15 cm. The layout of the prints are then different.

Guests can choose from several layouts so they can choose something different every time.

9. A picture frame

Putting a frame by the photobooth always works well. It makes everyone stand even closer together. On the photo frame, you can also write something like the names of the bride and groom and date.


10. Canvas, album and photo collage

When you get the photobooth photos digitally after the wedding, you can also put all the photos together on one big canvas or print, create an album and make a big collage of unloading photos.

11. A Chalkboard

Writing something like: beer #1 or a congratulations for the bride and groom makes the photobooth at the wedding very personal.

12. The location of the photobooth

Depending on the weather, a photobooth can be either indoors or outdoors. Sometimes a photobooth has a battery so it can stand anywhere.

The best place to have a photobooth is close to the reception or party. Too close and you draw people away from the party too much and too far away and the photobooth might not be used enough. When the it is around the corner, the photobooth works best. You don't have to think guests won't find it because everyone is walking around with the prints.

13. styled prints

One of the best things about a photobooth at the wedding is that it can be completely personalised. If you have a bohemian-style wedding, you can match it.

14. Ways to stick the photos on

  • Photo stickers
  • Pritt pen
  • Double-sided adhesive pad

15. Using a green screen

The green screen has fine balance between funny and cheesy. Want to take pictures with the bride and groom? Then just take them as background. Want to emphasise the theme? No problem! A greenscreen may not always be timeless but it's nice and wrong, which again makes it fun.

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