11 valuable tips for Weddings and Corona

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11 valuable tips for Weddings and Corona

Reading Time 4 Minutes

11 valuable tips

Since 12. March 2020, the wedding industry has been tubing with Covid-19. This has already had many implications. Both brides and vendors have a lot of questions. After a corona wedding season, we have already learnt a lot. Here are the key points to watch out for:

The tips:

1. Ask the vendors what their conditions are for moving the wedding and what costs are involved.

Some suppliers move wedding dates free of charge and some charge a certain fee. Also, when wedding dates are moved, certain days are not available. Consider Fridays, Saturdays and beautiful wedding dates like 22-2-2022.

2. Check with the venue on how many guests can be accommodated. People do not yet know what the rules will be after the lockdown.

Take into account reducing the size of the guest list. Also check whether the venue has enough space to accommodate the measures.

3. Create guest lists of different sizes so you can adjust quickly.

Kind of handy to have certain guest lists ready in advance in case there are sudden changes.

4. Plan the ceremony and party on different dates.

Share the wedding day on in multiple days. This is handy for when the party cannot go ahead. This way, you can spend part of the wedding day through. It may be that one supplier can on the chosen wedding date and the other cannot. Look for dates that do not fall on Friday or Saturday but, for a weekday or Sunday. Then there is more chance that several vendors can.

5. Make a deadline for when you will have to move or cancel the wedding date.

Will you let the wedding date go ahead, move it or cancel it? A lot is uncertain and it helps to tie the knot in time. When moving the wedding date, you can make blank change-the-date cards in advance so that all you have to do is write down the date.

6. Wedding venues and other suppliers are very flexible at this time. Take advantage of it and prepare for a last-minute wedding.

After a Corona wave, measures relax and more things are possible. Many of the popular days are then still available from many suppliers.


7. For the photo shoot more photo locations are available. Get in touch with them.

Check out photo locations that give enough space for 4 people to be there. Like in the forest, beach or another beautiful outdoor venue. Still looking for an indoor venue? Get in touch with them and whether it is possible to arrange a photo shoot keep there.

8. The group photos can be photoshopped to make it look like everyone is standing cosily together.

By playing with perspective, it can just seem that everyone is standing together. But with enough space between each one. Or we take separate photos of each couple or family with the same background. So that all the separate 'group' photos become one big group photo can be photoshopped.

9. Let guests pass by via a drive-through.

Invite your guests to come by with their car so they do congratulate you like in the clip below.

10. A livestream for those unable to attend.

If it is too risky to have grandparents present or if other important people cannot be there, a livestream offers a solution.

11. Create a website for your wedding to keep guests informed.

Posting a quick update on your website is a good way to keep guests informed. You can also send the updates straight to their email. All the information in one place.

This is what our wedding couples did in 2020:

How will 2020 affect 2021?

There are many couples waiting to get married but due to all the uncertainty, many have moved the wedding far into the summer of 2021. There are also many couples who, after moving their weddings two or three times, have put everything on the back burner and are waiting until they can actually get married again. So bookings are also much less at the moment compared to 2020 because there is little confidence despite the vaccination.

In 2020, we saw that due to the relaxations, it was still possible to get married a lot. We also expect most of the demand to come when this is the case again.

Corona wedding

How this couple kept their wedding going in a creative way.

When you think the guests can't come, this groom had secretly invited their family and friends anyway. How? You'll see in this video:

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