7 golden tips for a relaxed wedding

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7 golden tips for a relaxed wedding

Reading Time 6 Minutes

Relaxed wedding

7 golden tips for a relaxed wedding

On a wedding day, a huge amount happens in the limited time you have. Maybe you have already heard from married people that such a wedding goes like clockwork. We give you 7 golden tips to purely enjoy every second.

1. Everything planned on time

Already a very familiar tip but still good to know: A good start is half the battle. Planning a wedding is not just any old thing, there is quite a lot involved. That's why many couples pull out enough time to have everything ready for the big day.

For example, a checklist comes in handy. You might ask yourself ""Are there any big things that need to be arranged first?" or "What do you do first after booking your wedding venue? Do you want a wedding photographer and a videographer? From the checklist, work from big to small, which items need to be done first and which can be done later. This way, you keep an overview for yourself and for others who help you plan.

Barefoot wedding

2. A clear roadmap

The script for the big day is a point that everyone falls back on. From the master of ceremonies to the venue manager. This is precisely why it is useful when planning a relaxed wedding to make it clear for everyone. So not only for yourself or your family, but also for those outside the family/friends/guests.

For example, write down well the addresses of the venues, the time and who is where. Or a face book, with the most important people of your day. Rather too clear than too little information and confusing. Everyone needs the same information.

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3. Everything in one place

The venue is a big focal point of your day. But do you want to have different locations for the party, photo shoot or ceremony? Or will everything stay in one place? There are pros and cons with both. Advantage of 1 location, everything is in 1 place. Where the day starts, where everyone gathers, the ceremony, photo shoot and party! No travel time or traffic jam stress, easy for everyone. You don't have to travel yourself, but neither do the guests. The advantage of different locations is that there is a lot of diversity between moments.

Maybe you can take photos at the place where you did the first kiss, or where you like to go for a walk. And for getting married outdoors, always have a plan B when planning a relaxing wedding! You never know what the Dutch weather will do on the day.

Ship at sea created by drone pilot

4. Take your time

There are so many different tastes and styles for photos. But think carefully beforehand when planning a relaxed wedding. what kind of photos you want for the whole day. With the photo shoot just stately and neat or just nice and loose, indoors or outdoors or where to park? And do you also want group photos? All separate group photos or just 1 big one. Anyway, 1 or 2 moments for group photos is always handy on the day and don't make the group list too long! It can get quite drawn out if it will take longer than half an hour. Start the group list with the big group photo with everyone or the photos with children / pets.

5. A mobile-less wedding

It's whatever you prefer. An entire mobile-less day or only during certain events. It is often chosen to go mobile-less during the ceremony. Ask the master of ceremonies or the officiant to indicate that there are no mobiles during the ceremony. It can be quite disruptive if a mobile goes off during the yes or photos of you already appear on Facebook that someone else has posted. It can also be disruptive for the photographer and videographer if someone suddenly appears in front of them with a mobile. During the reception or a rest point on the day, mobiles may pop up again, in which case it might be nice to create some kind of collection point for guests' photos. Like a special hastag on Instagram or an app where all the photos are collected across the day.

6. Activities

There will be quiet moments during the day, such as during the reception or with dinner waiting. Perhaps nice then to arrange some activities for the guests and yourselves. For example, if it is at a large outdoor venue, Old Dutch games are always fun to do. Horseshoe throwing, a life-size Jenga, bobbin throwing or just a nice game of badminton. But there can also be activities during the party, such as a photobooth, the shoe game, rehearsed dance pieces or bouquet tossing. This gives the day and the evening just a little extra spice. The bouquet toss or, for the men, the garter toss is often the highlight of the party. Just a goofy moment.

Children at the wedding
Child looking over a fence

7. Children

Is a point to think about carefully. Are there people in your area with children? How many children will come along and is the venue 'child proof'? If there are children coming to the relaxed wedding. there are plenty of tips and tricks to make the day a top day for the little ones too! Such as creating a space/corner where they can have fun draw or take their afternoon nap. Anyway, 1 or more babysitters are very nice, so that you and the guests can enjoy the big day quietly and occasionally check how things are going. The babysitter makes sure the children are entertained, eat well and also get their sleep. By the way, entertainment can be anything from a children's table with colours, crafts or a hired puppet show or balloon artist. And perhaps useful to know, start the day with the photo shoot, then after that the children can go their own way and get dirty.

Also have a tip for a relaxed wedding? Let us know below!

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