Top 30 Wedding Songs

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Top 30 Wedding Songs

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Over the past five years of photographing weddings, we have photographed quite a few wedding songs listened to. During make-up, you listen to your own music but when it comes to the ceremony or party, you want to create a certain atmosphere. These lists will give you a lot of inspiration. I hope some wedding songs in between for you and do you have some suggestions of your own? Then leave them with a message below this page.

Bonus tips for the ceremony:
1. Bring a backup usb stick to the ceremony and ask how to play music. Too often we have heard the ceremony music over a phone.
2. Calculate how long the song should be so that the song ends nicely when you have both arrived. Do make it a little longer than necessary.

Wedding songs for:


The Ceremony

The Party

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    Are we missing music that should be in the list? Let us know!

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