Getting married in Rotterdam | 5 beautiful Wedding Locations + Tips

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Getting married in Rotterdam | 5 beautiful Wedding Locations + Tips

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Getting married in Rotterdam

Around 2,500 couples get married every year in Rotterdam municipality. This romantic port city is the place to say yes to your partner. In this blog, we discuss all the ins and outs Of getting married in Rotterdam.

A bride and groom kiss in a tunnel.

Why get married in Rotterdam?

Getting married in this dynamic metropolis has many plus points. Among other things, this lively city is known for its modern architecture, impressive port, the maastunnel and the park at the Euromast. We don't call Rotterdam the Manhattan on the Maas for nothing!

Getting married in the city offers something for everyone. Have your wedding among modern architecture, or at a wooded spot on the edge of the city. Rotterdam is also the right place for a waterside wedding: get married on the river Maas, overlooking the city's modern skyline! Do you prefer to be in the city, but still in the countryside? Then get married in one of Rotterdam's city parks.

Getting married in Rotterdam - A bride and groom gracefully descend the stairs in a beautiful building.

Getting married in the town hall

Most couples get married in Rotterdam's City Hall: a stately building built in the early 1900s. The building is one of the few pre-war buildings left standing after the 1940 bombings. The monument has a concrete skeleton with facades of sandstone and features Romanesque, Byzantine and Art Deco styles.

A man gives a speech to a group of people in a hall about Getting Married in Rotterdam.

Ground floor wedding rooms

There are two wedding halls on the ground floor of the town hall. In the first wedding hall, there is room for 70 guests. In the second hall, there are only 50 seats. In both halls, the entire ceremony lasts around 30 minutes. In the two rooms, music systems are available on which your own chosen music can be played. You can have the marriage celebrated by your own officiant, or by a municipal wedding officiant.

Cost of wedding halls: Between €276.30 and €396.80, depending on the day and time of the ceremony.

A group of people sitting on chairs in a room with chandeliers, celebrating their Weddings in Rotterdam.
A group of people sitting on chairs in a room with columns and arches, celebrating their Weddings in Rotterdam.

First-floor wedding room

On the first floor is the Civic Hall with a 60-seat wedding room next to it. The hall is beautifully decorated with detailed paintings and carvings. The wedding ceremony in this room lasts about 60 minutes. At a wedding in this room, the piano can optionally be played by a professional pianist.

Cost Burgerzaal: Between €789.90 and €1150.20, depending on the day and time of the ceremony.

A bride and groom kissing each other passionately during their wedding ceremony in a charming church in Rotterdam.

Photo opportunities at city hall

In addition to the pictures shot during the ceremony, reception and party, there are also fantastic photo opportunities in and around the town hall. In the town hall itself, you will find a beautiful, grand staircase suitable for a series of formal or informal group photos with friends and family. There is also plenty of space in the garden behind City Hall for fun pictures outdoors.

5 beautiful wedding venues in Rotterdam

Prefer to get married at another location in the city? You can! In Rotterdam, you can get married where and when you want since 2014. Throughout the city there are many, beautiful wedding venues available where you can go. We discuss 5 popular wedding venues in Rotterdam.

Getting married in Rotterdam, a bride and groom hand in hand in a room with people in the background.
A man and woman celebrate Weddings in Rotterdam as they walk a boat on a quay.


Getting married by the water? That is possible at Lommerrijk on the Bergse Plas. At this unique, historic location, you can get married outside under the trees, on the Landtongue or in the beautiful Terrace Hall (in bad weather). Even in the latter case, you need not grieve, as the terrace room also looks out onto the Bergse Plas.

"For nearly 140 years, Rotterdammers have visited Shady because of its unique, idyllic location on the Bergse Plas in Rotterdam. Our mission is to give our guests more than they hope for. A sincere smile, an extra attention, walking with them to the car. Personal attention makes everything better."

Description: A Wedding in the Woods ceremony set-up with wooden chairs and barrels.
A group of people enjoying ice cream at a cart during wedding photography.

Dudok in the Park

In the middle of the popular, Rotterdam city park you will find this DUDOK- establishment in a beautiful listed villa. It is the perfect location for a city wedding ín nature. In this building you will find the Park and Zochers Room and the Salon. Together they form the wedding, reception and party space in which your wedding can be celebrated to the full. Another plus point? Weather permitting, you can also get married outside in the beautiful garden adjacent to the villa.

"Get married in a green oasis of peace, right in the middle of Rotterdam's dynamic city centre! Dudok in the Park is a monumental villa built in 1750. An authentic building with contemporary interior."

A group of people stand on a bridge in front of The Koetshuis Rotterdam.
Getting married in Rotterdam - A bride and groom walk down the aisle at a wedding.

The Coach House

It also Coach house is another historic location in this modern city. Upon arrival, you immediately feel special: with a driveway over the castle moat, you reach the coach house. Inside the property, you will enjoy beautiful details and large, luxurious chandeliers. It is the ideal location for a romantic fairytalewedding.

" Het Koetshuis dates back to 1679 and has served various functions since then. At Het Koetshuis, your wishes take centre stage. You and the guests will lack nothing on this day, for the execution our warm and professional team guarantees."

A bride and groom stand on a quay in front of a beautiful lake and embrace each other on their wedding day.
Black-and-white wedding photography of a bride and groom cuddling under a tree.

The clean slate

Can't decide between a wedding ín nature or among the buildings? At The Clean Slate you get both! You get married ín the Kralingen forest overlooking the Kralingen Lake with the modern Rotterdam skyline behind. You literally get the best of both worlds! De Schone Lei offers a beautiful wedding room, but also the opportunity to get married on the jetty or sloop.

"Such a special day deserves all the attention and your wedding day will be tailor-made, custom-made as much as possible, that's what we go for and that's what we at the Clean Slate do with all our love."

A large cruise ship docked at a Photo Location in South Holland.
Getting married in Rotterdam - A bride and groom stand on the deck of a cruise ship.

SS Rotterdam

SS Rotterdam is a former cruise ship that sailed all over the world. It is currently a hotel, restaurant and event venue. Always wanted to get married on the water? You can do so in one of the ship's 12 luxurious wedding rooms.

"Our staff make the difference. Whatever your requirements, everyone on board has just one goal: to make your special day unforgettable. Hospitality and courtesy is in the DNA of our ship and its 'crew.'"

Cost: Prices of the named venues vary. Check the websites of the venues for rates. In many cases, contact a staff member and you will receive more information.

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