Tenue de ville dress code at the wedding

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Tenue de ville dress code at the wedding

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Tenue de ville

Dress code: Tenue de ville

Tenue de ville, a style that literally translates to city wear. This style is posh, elegant and increasingly popular. Whether you will soon be having a wedding gives or are invited to a wedding, this dress code requires the necessary information. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the dress code tenue de ville.

tenue de ville dress code wedding

What is Tenue de ville?

Tenue de ville is a fairly broad style with simple guidelines. The name comes from French and means city clothes. However, this is not everyday clothing, but rather neat clothing. The style originated as part of the dress code for important occasions and the country house. The idea is to wear the clothes during the day in the city. Nowadays, it is more elaborate and often worn on beach parties or outdoor parties.

The style is often associated with light colours, especially pastel shades, and black is hardly common. For men, it is common to wear shades of blue and grey. The style is so popular for its neatness and subtlety. Striking accessories and make-up are therefore not part of the tenue de ville. Everything is very sophisticated. This makes it a suitable dress code for simple weddings, but gives you plenty of clothing and colour options to look your best.

Tenue de ville for women

For women and men, the Tenue de ville dress code looks slightly different. As mentioned above, pastel colours are important for this style. However, this only applies to women. Think of colours like light pink, light blue or light purple, but also, for example, mint green. This combines well with white.

It used to be common to put on a suit or gown when you, dressed in this style. Nowadays, there are more options. For instance, you can go for a nice dress or opt for a skirt with a nice blouse or blazer. In fact, the idea of the Tenue de ville style is to always wear two pieces of clothing, even when you choose a dress. Generally, clothes should fall to over the knees. However, depending on the kind of wedding you want to give or have, a slightly shorter skirt or dress is also possible.

In addition, a pantsuit or coat suit also falls under the Tenue de ville dress code for women. However, it is important to wear a blazer to complete your look and to keep to the style. For shoes, it is customary to go for a neat pair of ballerinas or pumps, in a colour that does not stand out too much. The latter also applies to your accessories and jewellery. However, it is appreciated if you wear something subtle. This can be anything from a pin to a simple bracelet.

Tenue de ville

Tenue de ville for men

Men, on the other hand, mostly wear plain blue or grey suits. It is less common to choose other colours within this dress code. Besides, it is appreciated when the different parts of the costume are the same colour. Do you opt for plain blue trousers? Then also go for a plain blue suit jacket. Nowadays, the colour choice of the Tenue de ville does expand a bit and men may also dress in black or brown. The suit may also have a subtle stripe pattern, as long as it stands out too much that way.

The Tenue de ville dress code also includes some accessories. Men who choose this dress code always wear a butterfly bow tie or tie. These are simple without crazy or eye-catching colours or patterns. Choose a colour that is close to the colour of your suit or shoes. Moreover, it is totally within the dress code when your shoes and belt are the same colour. This used to have to be black, but nowadays you can choose whatever you like! Although the principle that it should be subtle and neat still applies. Socks are often the same colour as the suit.

Tenue de ville

Outfit inspiration

Described above are the characteristics of the Tenue de ville style. In short, the dress code is posh, but not chic. This can often be quite overwhelming or confusing. What should you choose? Therefore, here come some tips and ideas for your perfect Tenue de ville outfit.

Inspiration for women

Are you invited to a wedding with as theme Tenue de ville? Don't worry, chances are you already have plenty hanging in your closet. Go for a cocktail dress, for example, or look for a slightly longer skirt. Try to avoid prints. Go for a summery colour like light purple or light green and a simple design. Add a subtle touch by pinning on a flower or wearing simple gold or silver jewellery that is not too eye-catching.

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Inspiration for men

An always good option for men is to opt for a light blue suit. This often makes you match well with your partner or the other guests wearing pastel colours. Choose a butterfly bow tie of the same colour and wear it over a white shirt. You can opt for brown shoes and a brown belt, for example, as this is less harsh than black. To add a subtle extra something, you can add a corsage wear. Another good option is a leather watch. This looks a bit more distinguished without being hugely conspicuous, and so it remains a subtle addition to the look.

Tenue de ville

Pinterest and shops

Even with these ideas, it can be difficult to picture Tenue de ville. This elegant, stylish style demands attention. If you're not sure if you have something in the style or don't know where to start looking, it might be useful to ask for help. Go to a clothing shop and ask the staff about what would fall under this. You can find a dress or suit in most shops that falls under this dress code. The staff will be happy to help you search.

It is also a good option to take a look at Pinterest take. Type 'Tenue de ville' and scroll through the many outfits, ideas and options. You can save these to your board and combine different aspects yourself.

Tenue de ville on a budget

Don't have such a big budget? Don't worry, you don't have to spend a lot of money to find the perfect tenue de ville look. Many people already have clothes hanging in their closet that fall under this theme falls. Dive into your closet and look for a simple but elegant dress or jumpsuit. Maybe you also have a blazer lying around. These days, you don't have to dress in pastel colours for this dress code. If you have a black suit hanging around and don't want to buy new clothes for the wedding, you can put it on just fine. You'll also soon have the subtle extras together. A gold or silver bracelet will do. Or pick a bunch flowers and make a corsage From.

When you really don't have anything hanging in your closet, you can still find something for a reasonable price. The simplicity of Tenue de ville means there is something in almost every clothes shop. At H&M, for example, you can find a pretty, pastel-coloured dress that looks decent. So there is no need at all to look for expensive brands when this is not within your budget falls. You can often wear clothes within the Tenue de ville dress code even after the wedding. The name means city dress for nothing.

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Wedding venue in the same style

Will you be going soon marry and want Tenue de ville as your dress code? This can also be reflected well in the decoration of your wedding venue.

As mentioned earlier, the style was introduced to go out posh in town. Soon, the dress code was also applied to outdoor parties. The pastel colours give a summer feel, making it ideal to get married outdoors with Tenue de ville as the dress code. Think of a beautiful courtyard garden of an old building with a flower arch and pebbles. This brings together the natural and the urban.

You can very easily dress up your wedding venue within the theme. Choose tablecloths, flowers and ribbons in pastel colours, so everything will match beautifully with the guests. Furthermore, choose light furniture, such as white chairs so that the pastel colours stand out even more. Furthermore, you can incorporate subtle details into the décor, such as pins, bows or flower bouquets.

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In short, Tenue de ville as a dress code is all about fancy, but not chic, clothing. Women tend to wear pastel colours, such as light blue or mint green. It used to be customary to wear a dress or skirt to the knee, but nowadays these rules have been loosened a bit and a pantsuit also falls completely into the theme. For men, they wear a blue or grey suit with matching socks. Belts and shoes are also the same colour. Furthermore, this style is characterised by subtle accessories. These can be small jewellery or, for example, a pin or corsage. Often in your wardrobe you already have something hanging under this theme falls. The subtlety and deftness of the dress code make it easy to create the perfect Tenue de ville look!

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