16 entertaining wedding games

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16 entertaining wedding games

Reading Time 5 Minutes

A wooden table with candles and a wooden board to use for wedding games.

Entertaining wedding games

Wedding games bring both life to the wedding and connections through cooperation and play. It is therefore fun for both children and adults. A good time for this games is the reception. In this article, I will tell you some new and old games you can do at the wedding.

A little boy sits on the ground in front of a tent, engrossed in wedding games.
A person writing on a piece of paper during a wedding.
A black-and-white camera stands atop a wooden table and captures moments of a wedding game.

Photography assignments.

When doing photography assignments, you try to take the most beautiful pictures with throwaway cameras. This wedding game is not only fun to do but also fun to have developed. Since only 27 photos can be taken, you have to make sure every one counts.


At shuffleboard is to slide 30 wooden discs through four slots with different points. The first slot is 2 points, the second is 3 points, the third is 4 points and the very right one is 1 point. When there is one disc in each slot, you get 20 bonus points. Everyone may throw the discs that are not yet in the slots 3 times.

    Description: A woman plays a game with a ball in a park.


At football you have two teams trying to shoot the ball into each other's goal using only the feet. Besides the game, you can use your feet to keep the ball high for as long as possible.

Stilt walking

At Stilt walking you walk with two poles a lot higher than normal. Your feet rest on a piece of wood and your hands hold the poles. You can do a parkour with it, race against each other or what you can also do with it is play football.

A wooden table with candles and a wooden board to use for wedding games.

Tin Throwing

At can throwing you have 10 cans and 3 sandbags to topple the cans with. Each toppled can is 1 point. Often, the wedding games are put side by side several times so that more people can play it at the same time.

A man playing badminton.


Badminton is played as a wedding game on a grass court without too much wind. With the racket, you serve the shuttle to each other. You can play this with two people or with more.

A group of people playing Frisbee in a field during a wedding.
A man plays with a frisbee in a park.


Frisbee is throwing over a plastic disc. You can throw it over to each other with or against the clock in this wedding game. You can also loaf the frisbee, which means that 2 people throw it over to each other and 1 person tries to catch it. When the catcher catches the frisbee, the person who threw it is now the catcher.

Butter, cheese and eggs

Butter, cheese and eggs is a simple wedding game where one player is a circle and the other a cross. The idea is to put your own shape three in a row, on a board with only 9 spots.

A group of people playing chess in a garden while enjoying a friendly game during a wedding celebration.
A group of people play chess on the grass during a wedding.

Chess XL

Chess xl is a tactical board game where you try to eliminate your opponent's king. This extra-large version is fun to use outdoors.


Boules is a game with metal balls where you try to get as close as possible to a small wooden ball. You can play this wedding game with two players or with teams against each other.

A group of people playing wedding games.
A man playing Frisbee in a park during a wedding match.


Kubb is a Swedish outdoor game where you have to use sticks to knock over the blocks (Kubbs) and lastly the king block.

Mega Jenga

At mega Jenga you build a tower of about 50 oblong cubes, each layer having three cubes. When the tower is set, players take turns removing one cube from the tower. The player whose tower falls loses.


At darts Throw your pointed arrows into a round board to get points.

A bride and groom capturing a memorable moment during their wedding.

Egg runs

In egg running, the aim is to cover a distance with an egg on a spoon as quickly as possible. You can hold your spoon with egg in your hand or the more difficult version, with the spoon in your mouth.

On her wedding day, a bride surprises the audience with an unexpected gift: she holds a doll in front of her.
A man plays a marriage game and holds two dolls in front of a door.


An ancient game where you hit a papier-mâché doll with a stick blindfolded to extract its contents. Usually the contents are sweets or presents. The piñata can you use any theme give for the wedding.

Sack race

Sack race is a racing game where you complete a parkour in a burlap potato sack. Whoever crosses the finish line first has won. You can compete 1 on 1 or with a whole group.

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