Animals at a wedding | 30 Wedding photos with animals

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Animals at a wedding | 30 Wedding photos with animals

Reading time 8 Minutes

A pug in a suit and bow tie attending an animal wedding.

Animal photos at a wedding

Involving your pet in your wedding can be a unique and unforgettable experience. For example, brides and grooms have their pets act as ring bearers, flower girls or adorable accessories for the photos. It is important to check beforehand whether pets are allowed and take the necessary precautions. With creative ideas, you can make your wedding even more special.


Dogs are incredibly popular animals at weddings and are often involved in the festivities. They are often well-behaved and relaxed, which means they enjoy participating in the activities as long as it is not too crowded. Throughout almost the entire day, they are present except during the wedding party.

There are countless ways to involve your dog in your wedding, such as having it act as a ring bearer, groomsman or simply as an adorable accessory in the photos. It is important to remember that involving your dog in your wedding requires some planning and preparation to ensure your dog is comfortable and does not get stressed. For example, you need to discuss whether pets are allowed at the venue and make sure there is enough food, water and shade available to ensure your dog stays comfortable.

In short, dogs are great animals to get involved in your wedding and can be a fun and endearing addition to the festivities. With the right preparation and care, involving your dog in your wedding can be an unforgettable experience for you, your partner and your beloved pet.

A black pug standing in a living room at an animal wedding.
A woman donning a wedding dress with a dog at an animal wedding.
    Description: A black pug wearing a red bow tie during a wedding in Animals.
A small dog standing on a rug during an animal wedding.
A person with a dog standing next to a potted plant during a wedding in Dieren.
A dog sniffing the wedding shoes.
A close-up of a husky dog with its mouth open during an animal wedding.
A bride and seductive with a husky at their pet wedding.
A bride in wedding dress pets her dog during an animal wedding.
A black and white dog sits on a bride's dress during an animal wedding.
A man pets a dog in a living room full of warmth and joy.
A woman enjoying the company of a dog in a room.
A bride and groom with a dog influence on a patio.
A woman holds from a dog during a wedding reception.
A woman holding a dog in a kitchen during a pet wedding.


Although cats are beloved pets, they are rarely involved in weddings because of their unpredictable nature and sensitivity to crowds. Bridal couples usually choose not to bring their cats to the ceremony or party. Nevertheless, cats are often present during the preparations in the morning and love being on the wedding dress to lie down and put their nails in, which can sometimes make for hilarious moments. But when it comes to the wedding itself, cats are usually not part of the party.

A small cat sitting on a rug in a hallway during an animal wedding.
An animal stands in front of a white wedding dress.
Two cats sit on stairs during an animal wedding
A grey cat with green eyes looking at the camera.


Sheep may not be the first animal you think of when you think of a wedding, but sometimes it happens that couples want to take their photos in a rural setting where sheep roam. This animals usually stand in a meadow and eat grass, staring sheepishly at the world around them. Although most sheep do not come close, there are sometimes one or two that are curious and come closer to see what is going on.

If you like a group photo want to take a photo with sheep in the background, it is useful to bring some food to attract their attention. This way, you can make sure the sheep come to you and possibly even add a nice touch to your photo. Whether you opt for a group photo with sheep or not, a rural setting with sheep can certainly add to the atmosphere of your wedding.

A bride petting a sheep during an animal wedding in a field.
A couple at their animal wedding happily pet a sheep in a meadow.

Donkeys & Horses

Donkeys are animals with a quirky personality and a highly developed curiosity. If you decide to involve a donkey in your wedding, know that it can go either way. It is important to prepare well and take the necessary safety measures. Donkey activities at weddings have become popular, but it is important to make sure the donkey is well-trained and comfortable in the environment where the wedding is taking place.

Horses are often a better choice for a castle wedding, while donkeys are better suited to a farm or festival wedding. Involving animals such as donkeys at your wedding can be a fun addition, but it is important to remember that these animals will do anything for food. So make sure you have enough treats on hand to entice them to cooperate. With the right preparation and care, involving donkeys in your wedding can be a unique and unforgettable experience.

A group of women enjoy an Animal Wedding in a field while petting a donkey.
A group of women pose with donkeys in a field during an Animal Wedding.
A bride strokes a horse in front of a property during an animal wedding.


Birds can be involved in a wedding in a beautiful and unique way by flying the wedding rings. It is a beautiful sight to see the bird flying while holding the rings in its talons. However, it is important to remember that training birds for this task takes a lot of time and effort and is not without risks.

Although rare, there may be situations where the bird does not deliver the rings properly and runs off with them. This can be an unsettling and stressful situation for the bride and groom and the guests. To avoid this, it is important to ensure that the bird is properly trained and that there is a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

If you do decide to involve a bird in your wedding, make sure you hire a professional who is experienced in training birds for this task and that you have taken all safety measures to ensure that the bird and the rings are safe. With proper planning and care, involving birds in your wedding can be a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

An American bald eagle gracefully hovers over a group of people enjoying a joyous gathering, reminiscent of a serene animal wedding.
A grey parrot sat on someone's hand during an Animal Wedding.
A rooster, dressed for an animal wedding, stands proudly on a paved patio.

~ Bonus ~


The butterfly is a common insect at weddings and is often associated with symbolism and traditions that fit the mood of this special day. For example, there is the tradition of releasing butterflies during the ceremony in honour of a loved one who is no longer here. Releasing butterflies symbolises releasing grief and embracing joy and new opportunities.

In addition, butterflies are often seen as good luck charms and are used to bless and wish happiness to the bride and groom. This can be done, for example, through butterfly-shaped decorations or the presence of real butterflies during the ceremony or party.

Butterflies are beautiful and fragile creatures, so it is important to ensure that they are involved in the wedding responsibly. If you are considering involving butterflies in your wedding, make sure you follow the necessary information and guidelines to ensure the butterflies are safe and comfortable. With proper planning and consideration, involving butterflies in your wedding can be a beautiful and symbolic addition.

A beautiful emerald-cut engagement ring resting elegantly on a wooden table.
A bride and groom present a bouquet in a picturesque tropical setting.
A woman's wedding dress receives unexpected visitor in the form of a worm, giving an unexpected twist to her animal wedding.
At an animal wedding, a beautiful butterfly gracefully perches on a stunning white dress.

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