Animals at a wedding | 30 Wedding photos with animals

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Animals at a wedding | 30 Wedding photos with animals

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Pug wedding

Animal photos at a wedding

Getting your dog or other animal involved with you wedding day is entertainment for all. Animals do find weddings a bit weird but anyway they often join in cosily because of the attention and food.

In this article, I will mainly show you how couples have involved their or someone else's animal in the wedding.


We see dogs at a wedding the most of all animals. They often like everything and therefore join in cosily. As long as it is not too crowded. They are therefore present almost all day except at the wedding party.

Dog at wedding
Dog at wedding
Dog at wedding
Alaskan malamute wedding
dogs at wedding
Dog at wedding
Dog at wedding
Dog at wedding
Dog at wedding yawn


Few couples take their cats to their weddings, as these animals don't like the crowds. They do come for the photo in the morning when getting ready. They find the wedding dress fun to lie on and put their nails in.


What should I say about sheep at a wedding? They are in a meadow and they eat grass. Most sheep look at you sheepishly and don't come close but sometimes there are one or two that are curious. If you have a group photo want to make at these animals, bring feed with you.

Donkeys & Horses

Donkeys are very curious and stubborn. So it can go either way. Horses often suit a castle wedding and donkeys are more suited to a farm or festival wedding. It may seem like a trend but even these animals will do anything for food.

Horse wedding


Birds are used to make the rings arrive flying. There are stories that they just fly on with the wedding rings.

grey redstart
Chickens at wedding

~ Bonus ~


The insect most common at a wedding is the butterfly! They are used at the tradition To remember someone and to wish the bride and groom luck.

insect wedding
Butterfly on wedding dress

Will there be an animal at your wedding? What role will he or she have?
let us know in the comments below!

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