The 11 cutest colouring pages for your wedding

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Coloring drawing at a wedding

Fun colouring pages

During the reception, wedding colouring sheets are useful to keep the children entertained, as this can often take a long time for them. Provide enough pencils and a sharpener. After the colouring pages are coloured in, you can give the children a reward.

Click on a wedding colouring page to print it out.

Wedding colouring page of bride and groom on tandem.
Wedding colouring page
Colouring page wedding of bride and groom wedding cake
Pet colouring page
Bridal couple colouring page
Wedding colouring page of bride and groom on tandem.
wedding colouring page
Wedding colouring page of a bride and groom with a beautiful wedding dress
Wedding colouring page of bride and groom on tandem.
Bridal couple and a thank you garland.
Bridal couple doing the Salsa

Wedding colouring page tips & ideas

A book of wedding colouring pages for the bride and groom

When the children have finished their drawing or simply don't feel like it anymore, you can compile the drawings into a booklet for the bride and groom. You can do this in several ways. Option number 1:Take a hole punch and a piece of string and loop it through the paper and finally tie a knot in it. Option number 2: Use a stapler to staple the booklet together. You can then put this booklet on the gift table to be found later by the bride and groom. This way you can entertain the children with fun wedding colouring pages and surprise the bride and groom with a beautiful gift.

Wedding drawing contest colouring page

Besides the small rewards, prizes can also be given to the best drawings. For example, a box of pencils. This way, you have a greater chance of the colouring pages being coloured in completely.

The babysitter

Not only can the babysitter help draw wedding colouring sheets with the children but the babysitter also ensures that every adult can enjoy the wedding. There are babysitters who specialise in weddings. This makes a wedding a bit more fun for children and their parents.

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I hope you got some use out of these wedding colouring pages. On this blog, we have more useful ideas to use at your wedding.

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