80 most beautiful wedding cakes in the Netherlands

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80 most beautiful wedding cakes in the Netherlands

Reading time 7 Minutes

The Wedding Cake

Everyone looks forward to the cutting of the wedding cake; it says a lot about the bride and groom. So you can see on this page how the setting and the wedding cake often match. The wedding cake is often cut at the beginning of the reception before the group photos be made, or in the evening as dessert. In this article, we showcase over 80 wedding cakes for inspiration.

Wedding cake dried flowers

Different types of wedding cakes

Over the years, the supply of wedding cakes has exploded. There is now much more choice than the classic fondant-lined rose cake with vanilla cake. We discuss the most popular cake flavours and designs of recent years.

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Wondering which flavours are popular right now? Below we discuss the top 3 wedding cake flavours of this year.

Red velvet

The most popular flavour at the moment: red velvet. This fiery red cake made of cocoa and cream cheese does well at weddings. The cake has the perfect shade to celebrate love. Red Velvet is the most popular cake flavour at the moment.


A fresh lemon cake is perfect as a light cake at a (summer) wedding. One advantage of this flavour: you have plenty of room for tasty snacks and dinner after dinner. Lemon cake pairs perfectly with light vanilla cream and forest fruits.


With dozens of options for flavour combinations, chocolate cake remains at the top. The creaminess of dark chocolate can be perfectly combined with fresh fruit, vanilla cream or chocolate ganache. The options are endless.

Blue Chocolate wedding cake with flowers
Blue Chocolate wedding cake with flowers
Different flavours of wedding cakes


Tastes are important, but the eye wants something too! Below, we discuss the most popular wedding cake designs of the moment.


The classic white layer cake remains one of the best-known wedding cakes. Have the cake decorated with softly coloured sugar roses and the picture is complete!


In recent years, wedding cupcakes have gained great popularity. These playful cakes exude celebration and fun.


The so-called 'naked-cake' has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With these beautiful cakes, you go for a playful, fresh look. These cakes are ideal for couples who are not fans of the taste or look of fondant.

Theme cake

If you are celebrating a themed wedding, go for a matching themed cake. These playful cakes are specially made in the style of your wedding.


What does a wedding cake cost?

On average, a wedding cake costs between €3 and €9 per person from a group of 30 people. That's between €90 and €270 per wedding cake.

Wedding cake kiss


Creating a wedding cake is an honourable task for any pastry chef. A good pastry chef is 100% committed to baking a beautiful cake. Are you looking for a phenomenal wedding cake?

These wedding cakes have been created by, among others:

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