Trash The Dress | Examples + Tips

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Trash The Dress | Examples + Tips

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Trash The Dress photo shoot

Trash The Dress

After the wedding day you can choose to do a trash the dress photo shoot. In which you are allowed to do anything that would not be convenient at your wedding. In this article, we will tell you all about this photo shoot.

Bride lying on the sand

What is a trash the dress shoot?

A trash the dress photo shoot is all about defacing your wedding dress. You can do this with paint, smoke, mud, you name it. So in this way, you choose not to keep the dress when it is completely dirty or broken. This photo shoot does not have to mean that you can never put the dress on again. For instance, you can jump into the sea with the wedding dress and dry it later, and besides some grains of sand, you can easily put it back on. You can make it as crazy as you like.

Bride with wedding dress in the sea

Photo locations for trash the dress

Maybe you pay too much attention to your wedding dress not to get it dirty. Maybe now is the time to think where you can get the dress dirty. Here are some photo locations Where to go:

  • The beach
  • The forest
  • A factory
  • A greenhouse
  • One more
  • A ruin
  • A photo studio
  • A swimming pool
Boho wedding dress

The right time

Any time after your wedding is a convenient time. You can choose to have your photos taken when it is still warm enough. Since the majority get married in summer, it will probably happen quite soon after or one year after your wedding day to celebrate. If you want to do it in winter, you can also choose an indoor location such as the swimming pool.

Barefoot wedding

Tips for the shoot

The shoot seems obvious but there are a few small things you want to take into account:

1. Wait until the last moment to get your wedding dress really dirty. After all, you can still take great photos of a clean wedding dress before that.

2. If you use make-up make sure it is waterproof.

3. Bring slippers, a towel and extra clothes.

4. An hour and a half before sunset is often the most beautiful because of the position of the sun.

In conclusion

It's a great photo shoot to experience. It might just be a shame about the wedding dress but luckily you still have the photos.

Sea photo with bride

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