Trash The Dress | Examples + Tips

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Trash The Dress | Examples + Tips

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Trash The Dress photo shoot

Trash The Dress

Trash the Dress is a concept where brides, after their big day, wear their beautiful wedding dresses in a unique, often messy, setting for a photo shoot. This idea breaks with tradition and gives brides the chance to commemorate their wedding day in a creative and adventurous way.

Bride lying on the sand

What is a trash the dress shoot?

At a trash the dress photo shoot is about defacing your wedding dress. You can do this with paint, smoke, mud, you name it. So in this way, you choose not to keep the dress when it is completely dirty or broken. This photo shoot doesn't have to mean you can never put the dress back on. So you can use the wedding dress jump into the sea and dry later and besides some grains of sand, you can easily put it back on. You can make it as crazy as you like.

Bride with wedding dress in the sea

Photo locations for trash the dress

Maybe you pay too much attention to your wedding dress to keep it from getting dirty. You may now be thinking where you can get the dress dirty. Here are some photo locations Where to go:

  • The beach
  • The forest
  • A factory
  • A greenhouse
  • One more
  • A ruin
  • A photo studio
  • A swimming pool
A wedding dress bride standing in front of a long table.

The right time

Any time after your wedding is a convenient time. You can choose to have your photos taken when it is still warm enough. Since the majority get married in summer, it will probably happen quite soon after or one year after your wedding day To celebrate. If you want to do it in winter, you can also choose an indoor location such as the swimming pool.

A relaxed bride putting on her wedding shoes in the grass.

Here's everything you need to know about Trash the Dress shoots:

1. Styling and Outfit: Your wedding dress is the star of the show, but you can also play around with accessories for an extra touch of flair. Think a colourful floral wreath, a funky pair of boots or even a vintage parasol.

2. Security: Safety is absolutely crucial during a Trash the Dress shoot. For example, if you choose a shoot in the water, make sure you are aware of the risks of wearing a heavy, wet dress.

3. Photographer selection: An experienced photographer who is familiar with this type of shoot is essential. They should be able to take beautiful, artistic photos, no matter the circumstances.

4. Preparation: Don't forget to bring a comfortable outfit to wear before and after the shoot, and possibly bring a friend for extra support and fun.

5. Aftercare: Although the name 'Trash the Dress' suggests that you completely ruin your dress, this is not always the case. Many dresses can be used after the shoot professionally cleaned.

6. Creative ideas: This is your chance to think out-of-the-box. Do you want a colour explosion with coloured powder? Or how about a winter shoot With snowflakes falling on your dress?

7. Budget: The cost of a Trash the Dress shoot vary, depending on the location, photographer and any extras. But remember, this is a unique experience that will create priceless memories!

A Trash The Dress session with a woman in a white dress standing gracefully amid a picturesque field.

In conclusion

A Trash the Dress shoot is a wonderful way to break the conventional rules of wedding photography and get your wedding day remember in a vibrant and dynamic way. It's all about fun, freedom and celebrating your unique style. So, whether you are diving into a fountain, rolling through mud or dancing under a rain of colourful powder, remember to cherish and savor the moment. Because in the end, it is these unforgettable experiences that will colour your wedding and make the start of your new life as a married couple truly unforgettable.

An aerial view of a bride and groom in the ocean during their Trash The Dress session.

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