The most beautiful wedding themes

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The most beautiful wedding themes

Reading time 8 Minutes

Something-white wedding-themed

The most beautiful wedding themes

Have or have you been proposed to? Congratulations! Now is the time to start the plans from the big day. This consists of many different elements, but the first step is to determine what kind of theme wedding you get. All parts of the wedding will be conceived in this style. In this article, we will help you learn about different styles and options. This way, you can get some nice inspiration.

Boho wedding dress beach

Bohemian wedding theme

A popular theme for a wedding is bohemian. If you love freedom and nature, this is theme perfect for you! This theme is characterised by simplicity, cheerful colours and wild flowers. The colour white is often used for the table coverings, garlands and possibly marquees. The rest, on the contrary, is very colourful. For example bridal bouquets with multiple colours and hanging lanterns.

Wall-E themed wedding

Movie wedding theme

Another option is a movie theme. Think Hollywood, and walk the red carpet with your bride or groom. Use gold decorations, such as balloons and garlands. You can craft stars with your guests' names and hang them up or put them on plates. The dress code would be chic, with dark red and gold dresses and suits.

A specific film

You can also choose to pick a specific film if theme. Think Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland or Greatest Showman, for example. This will give you a magical wedding. You can recreate the atmosphere of the film in the décor. For example, for a Harry Potter wedding you can hang candles from the ceiling and for Alice in Wonderland you can place large mushrooms. You can even choose to put the dress code in the theme keep, by coming as a character from the films, for example. Do you think this is too much? Then you can also choose to make the dress code chic or a specific colour.

Wedding theme


For those who love a light-hearted, not too formal wedding, a festival theme is ideal. Maybe you met at a festival or it's something you enjoy doing together. Then it is even more fun to recreate this place.

Boho wedding dress

This theme is ideal for summer on a large field. You can set up festival tents and give the tables for guests a stage name. You can also set up several food tents, serving different types of meals and drinks. Think of a cocktail bar and a pizza tent. Keep in mind that this takes quite a bit of work. It is therefore a good idea to dress up the venue a day in advance. Keep in mind to consult with the wedding venue manager. There might be other weddings planned on the same day.

Dress code: Casual Chic

The dress code

Another big part of your wedding is the dress code. Traditional weddings often have a formal dress code. At a theme as a festival, this is precisely not the case. The clothes are often a bit more airy and the choice of clothing is freer. However, it is still a wedding and not a real festival. It is therefore intended that you come somewhat dressed up as a guest. The bride can opt for a smooth-fitting dress with a pop of colour or a garland of flowers. The groom can wear a print or coloured suit.

Cultural wedding

Culture as a wedding theme

Another option is a so-called cultural wedding. This focuses on a particular culture, such as an Italian or Chinese wedding. This can be a fun theme are for when one of you is from a different culture or you have a strong connection to a culture, for example by having met in Italy.

Anchor wedding theme

The traditions

A cultural wedding is all about traditions. At an Italian wedding, for instance, you might choose to do a folk dance like the tarantella and put together a typical Italian menu, with lots of tomato and tiramisu. At a Chinese wedding, this will look very different again. So you will have a tea ceremony for the family or the bride and groom and the most important people in their lives, before the reception. So it is good to read up on the different traditions that go with the culture. The dress code will also be tailored accordingly. Most cultural weddings have a typical dress code. For instance, at an Indian wedding, the bride usually wears red or pink instead of white. Henna is also widely used as an accessory.

hortus botanicus lead Justin Manders Photography

Seasonal wedding theme

Another option is to use the theme of the wedding to match the month you are getting married in. For example, if you plan to get married in September, you may choose to have an autumn wedding plans where you match all the elements to the season. There are, of course, four seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Autumn wedding


An autumn wedding is characterised by shades of red, brown and orange. You can reflect this beautifully in your décor. Think for example of red chairs, pine cones on the tables and plums as decoration. You can also opt for flowers and plants in beautiful bloom at that time. If you get married a little early in autumn, you can choose to get married in the forest. The leaves of the trees will already have their beautiful colours, but it is not so cold yet. This is also a good place to take your wedding photos.

Winter wedding theme


Planning to get married in winter? How about a Winter Wonderland? This season is known for its cool blues and greys. You can also choose to use fake snow. You can place these in the aisles or on the tables. Furthermore, hanging garlands of ice crystals is an option. Choose a nice indoor venue so that you can best express the winter fairy tale without being cold. As wedding dress, you could go for an ice blue dress. Guests can come in other shades.


A summer wedding looks very different from a winter or autumn wedding. The sun is shining, the days are long and so conditions are ideal for an outdoor venue! Consider the beach or a beautiful park. Use cheerful colours, such as green, yellow and pink. Serve ice cream and colourful cocktails. Use fruits like oranges for decoration, both picked and trees. Opt for a breezy wedding dress. When it is hot, a long dress is not very stunning. Do you want this? Then look for cut-outs on the back, this makes it just a little less hot.


In spring, everything is in full bloom and you can make good use of this! Choose a beautiful outdoor location with lots of flowers. Think, for example, of a tulip field. Another option is getting married on a farm. There are many baby animals in spring, which creates a cheerful atmosphere. Pastel colours go well with spring. Use these for the chairs, balloons, a bow and the table coverings. You can also do pastels as a dress code and the bride could choose to put on a coloured dress instead of a white one. The groom could go for a pastel blue suit.

Gay marriage

A colour as a theme

What is also common these days is a wedding with a colour like theme. For example, if you choose the colour blue, you can use this on the invitation indicate as 'something blue'. The decoration, flowers and everything else will be in shades of blue. Of course, it doesn't have to be one shade of blue, here you can vary. The same goes for other colours.

Something-white wedding-themed

Something white

Another example is 'something white'. Here, the decoration is often very colourful, but the idea is that all guests come in white. This breaks with the traditional image of the bride wearing white and therefore gives a fun twist to the wedding. The bride and groom themselves are then often dressed colourfully, or in pastel shades. You may choose to wear white accessories, such as a corsage of white flowers and white cufflinks for the man's suit. This also gives the bride and groom some white, but sets them apart from the rest.

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