Rain at your wedding, now what?

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Rain at your wedding, now what?

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Rain at your wedding

Rain at your wedding, now what?

Your wedding may already be in a few days, unfortunately the weather forecast not great or maybe today is the big day. As wedding photographer we have experienced this many times. That's why I tell you in brief what to look out for.

The rain checklist

When it rains at your wedding, you need a few things that come in handy. We give you a checklist with some useful stuff and ideas.

  • Indoor location(s)
  • Umbrellas (white or transparent)
  • Rain boots
  • Plastic bags
  • Waterproof bridal make-up
  • Towels
  • Extra socks
Getting married in a church


Both for the location shoot with the two of you and the group photos is often a indoor location needed in case of rain. When looking for a photo location which is indoors, you could think of:

  • Hotel
  • Greenhouse
  • Church
  • Cinema
  • Museums
  • Restaurant
  • Mill
  • Sauna
  • Indoor pool
  • Tent

Via Google maps you often already come to different places in your region. Are indoor venues too small? Then choose several nearby locations.

Rain at the wedding

Making an appointment with an indoor location

Never just go to an indoor location without an appointment. Preferably make an appointment by e-mail so you can always read back what was agreed. Prices can vary a lot. This depends on crowds and the effort the person from the venue has to perform. The cost of an indoor location can vary. From our experience, it is between €0 and €200.

Rainy weather on arrives at a wedding

Benefits of rain at the wedding

  • For the photos, it does not matter because a photographer always has his own light.
  • Indoor locations are likely to be quieter.
  • Overcast gives soft light.
  • Some darker weather doesn't matter to a camera these days.
  • You can use the reflection of puddles of water to create a unique photo.
  • Raindrops can be lit up with flash light.
  • Friends and family are closer together.
Rain at your wedding

The ceremony indoors or outdoors?

If it rains at your wedding, it probably won't be all day. It is therefore useful to check with the wedding venue when you have to make a choice if both options are possible. In fact, sometimes you can decide this a few hours before the ceremony.

Rain at your wedding

Get ready

There are more options when you can prepare. For instance, a venue has more time to schedule you. Therefore, plan an indoor venue at least one week before the wedding as a back-up.

Rain at wedding bride and groom wave goodbye

Rain is not so bad

Bummed that it's raining at your wedding? If wedding photographer I can happily tell you that you can still take beautiful photos. Sunlight you can fake and rain gives some extra photos you can't normally take. If it rains in the Netherlands, it is often not all day. So try not to stress too much about this.

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