The complete wedding checklist

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The complete wedding checklist

Reading Time 5 Minutes

A person writing on a piece of paper during a wedding.

Wedding checklist

The plans of a wedding is fun, after all, you are working towards the wedding day to where it is all about your love and where you will become most connected to each other. However, it planning a wedding can also be very stressful and there is a lot to arrange. Therefore, start about 9 months before the wedding with the plans van jullie perfecte dag. Hieronder vind je een bruiloft checklist voor alles wat er moet gebeuren voor de trouwerij!

A group of brides and grooms walk in front of a castle and tick off items on their wedding checklist.

9-7 months before the wedding

In the first few months of starting plans only think about the most important things that need to be recorded first. Consider, for example, the wedding date and the wedding location. It is also useful to make a tight schedule and enlist help.

  • Planning (by yourself or with the help of a wedding planner)
  • Budget commitment
  • Setting wedding date
  • Search and book wedding venue
  • Prepare guest list
Two save the date wedding cards on a wooden table.

7-5 months before the wedding

Now that the most important things have been decided and booked, it is important to inform the guests. Do this as soon as possible so that they can keep this day free. Also, start now with the plans of the decoration and your outfit.

A candy-filled table with a sign for wedding inspiration.

5-3 months before the wedding

Now the theme is established, it is important to elaborate on it and book everything. It is also time to officially invite all the guests and witnesses to choose from.

  • Sending wedding cards
  • Witnesses questions
  • Bridesmaids questions
  • Define menu
  • Florist books
  • Picking wedding rings
  • Buy decoration articles
  • Photographer books
  • Booking a suite for the wedding night
A bride in wedding dress looking at herself in the mirror while referring to her wedding checklist.

3-1 months before the wedding

The wedding is getting closer and closer and it's time for the final touches - think about fitting everything, but also the bachelor party! Fortunately, you don't have to arrange the latter yourself.

  • Hairstyle and practise make-up
  • Wedding dress fit
  • Making table arrangements
  • Starting to break in shoes
  • Vows practice
  • Honeymoon booking
  • Making a script
A sign with the words 'welcome' on it, perfect for your wedding checklist.

1 month to the very day before the wedding

  • Send script
  • Table assignment
  • Getting rings ready
  • Bringing equipment to the site
A bride and groom standing in a rustic barn, ticking items off their wedding checklist.

Wedding day checklist

The time has come. The big day you have been working towards for so long. All the stuff is ready, all the guests have been invited and now it is time to enjoy. Still, even on the wedding day zelf nog het een en ander gebeuren om alles in goede banen te laten lopen. Daarom volgt hier een bruiloft checklist over hoe je de wedding day can get through without stress and you can enjoy all the beautiful moments.

A woman with purple hair elegantly puts on a tiara and captures the moment for her Instagram followers.


In the morning, it is time for preparations.

  • Last items to wedding venue
  • Put on a dress or suit
  • Arranging hair and make-up
  • Getting wedding rings ready
A garden wedding ceremony where people sit on chairs,alongside a handy Wedding Checklist for planning purposes.


In the afternoon, it is time for the start of the big day. This is when the ceremony and reception take place and you get married. Also, the pictures made in this part of the day.

  • Entry of guests
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Cutting the cake
  • Bubble blowing
  • Group photos
  • Speeches
  • Photo shoot for the bride and groom
  • Guest book with table
  • Bouquet toss
  • Rest


The evening is to celebrate happiness! Start with dinner and finish with a party.

  • Entry dinner guests
  • Dinner
  • Relax after eating
  • Entrance to wedding party
  • Enjoy!
  • Finisher with confetti
  • End
A couple share a romantic kiss under a tree in a charming garden as part of their wedding day.

Checklist for the day after the wedding

Gefeliciteerd, jullie zijn getrouwd! Hopelijk hebben jullie een prachtige dag gehad met veel geluksmomenten en geliefden om jullie heen. De huwelijksreis is bedoeld om na te genieten van de mooie dag en samen een nieuw avontuur aan te gaan. Toch is dit niet het enige wat nog na de trouwerij moet gebeuren. Daarom volgt hier een bruiloft checklist voor de dag na de trouwerij.

A bride and groom in the photobooth, posing in front of a gold background at their wedding.


For the wedding, you probably rented several items. These all need to be returned and maybe even paid for. Make sure you arrange all this well and on time, so that you, don't have to worry about this.

  • Pay outstanding bills
  • Return all decorations to their spots
  • Take home all the gifts
  • Take the wedding dress to the dry cleaners
  • Search the best wedding photos out and make a wedding album
A group of bridesmaids and groom toast in front of a vintage car during their wedding party.


Of course, you want to share the happiness and memories of the wedding with your guests. It is therefore useful to give them access to the pictures and thanking them.

  • Write and send thank-you cards
  • Make wedding photos available to guests
A bride and groom stand in front of a yellow car, captured by a professional wedding photographer as confetti is cheerfully thrown at them.


You are officially married, hooray! So that means you are connected in a way you were not before. You celebrate this together, but you can also make this known through a name change.

  • Officially change your name (if you want to)
  • Check which assets should be in your names
  • Enjoy your honeymoon
  • Enjoy life together!

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