Comfortable bridal shoes | advice & lifehacks

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Comfortable bridal shoes | advice & lifehacks

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Comfortable bridal shoes

Comfortable in your wedding shoes

Bridal shoes look beautiful and make your posture flattering. The only downside is that it is very uncomfortable in the long run. In this article, we will tell you ways to survive the wedding day on your wedding shoes.

bridal shoes type:

Crocs wedding shoes

1. Crocs

2. Trainers

Sandals wedding

3. Sandals

Barefoot wedding

4. Ballerina

Block heels

5. Block heel

Boots wedding

6. Boots

White Pumps

7. Pump

8. Stiletto heels

Blister plasters

On a wedding day, you walk quite far especially during the location shoot. Stick the blister plasters before leaving the house. Such a plaster works best to avoid than treat a blister. You can give them to the master of ceremonies in case you get inconvenienced.

Bridal shoes
special wedding photos

Lace up your wedding shoes

The best way to get into your wedding shoes is to put them on around the house when your partner is not around. Put them on while vacuuming, for example. This will keep them clean and you will gradually run them in.

Bridal shoes

Not too high heels

The place where brides suffer most is next to the little toe or the big toe. This is often due to heels that are too high. Although high heels make your stature beautiful, they are the most difficult to walk far on.

Bridal boots
Back-up trainers

Matching bridal shoes

It is not unusual for the bride to bring two pairs of shoes. One for walking and one for the ceremony and photo shoot. Along with blister plasters, you can give the shoes to the master of ceremonies.

Getting married on the beach
Boho wedding dress beach
Bridal boots

Bridal shoes and the venue

Do you marry on the beach or in the woods? Then flat wedding shoes are the best option. Still want the benefits of high heels? You can just stand on your toes. And when you have to walk a bit on sand or grass. Then do so barefoot.

High heels wedding

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