9 main reasons to get married

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9 main reasons to get married

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Why people ttoday marry.

It used to be natural to marry each other if you were together for a long time. Nevertheless, getting married is still a big desire for many people. In this article, we tell you why people are getting married these days

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Why people get married according to CBS

According to the cbs are the top three reasons for getting married according to people aged between 20 and 29: "confirmation of relationship", "Partner wants to get married" and "want to get married because of children"

Why people want to get married in percentage terms:

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1. Love

Love is the ultimate reason to get married, nothing is as beautiful and powerful as the love we feel for another person. When we fall in love, we feel a deep emotional connection with the other person, and want to spend the rest of our lives with them. Marriage is the formal way to establish this declare love and show that we feel connected to the other person.

Marriage is also a legal commitment that symbolises our willingness to commit to this love and work towards a shared future. Because of this, marriage also gives a sense of hope for the future. A promise to each other and to ourselves to work towards a happy and healthy relationship for the rest of our lives.

Why get married

But marrying for love is not only a romantic idea, it is also a practical choice. After all, marriage is a partnership in which we work together and can expect support from each other. Financial stability, emotional support and family life are some of the benefits that marriage offers.

Marrying for love can also have great meaning for love itself. Marriage is the beginning of a wonderful life together with one's partner, filled with love, fun, support and growth. Marriage is an opportunity to share our values, discuss our dreams and realise our life goals.

In short, marrying for love is the biggest reason to get married because it is the basis of the relationship and commitment we make. It is a way to declare our love and promise to each other that we will commit to this love, and to build our future together.

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2. The Surety

Following on from this, it can offer just a little more security for some people. Of course, it does not mean that if you do not get married you cannot stay together forever, but for some people, exchanging the words 'till death do us part' can still provide just that extra dash of security they lack when this is not recorded.

This does not mean that there is no trust in the relationship otherwise, but only that there is no need for any worries. After all, you know for sure that you and your partner belong together.

A bride and groom in a yellow car with balloons celebrate their Wedding in the forest.
On their wedding day, a bride and groom kiss under a beautiful floral arch.

3. Because it's fun

Another simple reason is because it is fun to experience. As a bride, you get to be in a beautiful wedding dress on and you will be made completely beautiful by a professional make-up artist (MUA). Also, as a bride and groom, you see how rich you are in people because everyone there has their own story with the bride and groom. A wedding day is a day where everyone opens up. You often hear things from people close to you that you have never heard before.

A bride and groom sit at a table in front of a crowd and celebrate their marriage.
Why get married. A bride and groom stand in front of a church organ.
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4. Faith or a culture

Another reason to get married may be by faith. If both of you or one of you is religious, it may just be that this is required by faith. Of course, it remains a choice to do this or not, but many people like to follow this rule and enjoy sharing their love with God. Therefore, these weddings are often at a divine location, such as a church or mosque.

Also, there are certain cultures where getting married is one of the norms of life. In this case, it will also be expected that you go by the way. In addition, different cultures also bring different wedding customs that only apply at the wedding. Think, for example, of a special dance or special clothing. Through these cultural customs and traditions, you are sure to create a unique celebration to remember!

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5. Emigrating abroad

It could also just be that you have fallen madly in love with someone abroad. Have you been in a long-distance relationship for a while or do you live with one and then the other for several weeks at a time? Then sometimes it can be easier to decide that one of you will permanently move to the other's country. To make this process a little easier, it is sometimes useful to be married. This also applies if you and your partner both want to move abroad. Not everywhere, in fact, registered partnerships are recognised. Such a turning point in your lives is the ideal time to make your love official.

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6. From a financial or legal point of view

Besides moving abroad, there is another practical reason to get married. Namely, it can be more financially advantageous to be married. Especially if you plan to buy a house together, it can be useful to be officially married. This is because if you are not, you will need each other's legal permission to pay off the house. This can also get complicated in the future when you want to sell the house. Many couples therefore decide that this is a good time to get married.

In addition, being married comes with a number of legally established rules. For example, in a court case, you do not have to go against your husband or wife witnesses. But it can also sometimes come in handy in everyday life. For example, it is easier when you have or want children.

This is because your partner will then automatically get custody of the (future) children. In addition, you will also have a standard entitlement to survivor's pension. Your partner will also have automatic custody of your assets after your death. As a result, you do not have to worry about drawing up or amending a will and all this is already taken care of. These are things you can also get when you opt for registered partnership, but that involves a bit more work.

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7. You make wonderful memories

While the last few reasons above are mostly very practical, don't forget that a wedding is one of the most special days of your life. No other celebration you will give in your life will be as big as your wedding.

The plans starts nothing for nothing often almost a year before the wedding takes place. This period comes with new experiences and therefore new memories. Think, for example, of the bachelor party: a unique experience and a way to get to know your friends in a slightly different way. The day itself will also create wonderful memories.

After all, your wedding will be attended by the people who are most important to you. Everyone is festively dressed and come to celebrate love with you. They will tell fun, touching or funny stories about your bond and it is the perfect day To show not only your partner, but also your friends and family how much you care. What could be better than a day when everyone comes together and dances with each other, enjoys a delicious dinner and laughs?

A bride reads her wedding vows in the presence of a priest.

8. cooperation and support

Marriage is not only about romance, but also about cooperation and support. Marriage is a partnership in which we feel connected to the other person and work together for a shared future.

Cooperation is an important aspect of marriage because it allows us to solve problems and make decisions that are best for our marriage and family. This can range from small things like who will do the dishes to big decisions like where we will live or how we will spend our money.

Support is also an important aspect of marriage. We can count on the support of our husband or wife in difficult times, whether it is emotional support or practical help. This can have a great impact in our lives, making us feel more secure and giving us a sense of security.

Cooperation and support are essential for a healthy and happy relationship. Marriage is a partnership in which we can support each other and work together to create a shared future. It is a way to strengthen our relationship and feel connected to the other person.

In short, in a marriage, you can count on cooperation and support from your partner. This allows you to solve problems more efficiently and make decisions that are best for the relationship and family. You can also count on each other in difficult times, this provides a sense of safety and security.

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9. emotional connection

In a marriage, you can find emotional support and understanding, especially in difficult times.

In our lives, we can encounter all kinds of challenges, such as loss, stress or difficult life circumstances. In such situations, it can be difficult to be alone, but with a partner you can support each other and understand each other's situation. A marriage can be a safe haven where we can open up to each other, share our emotions and find comfort together.

The emotional support we get in a marriage can also help us cope with problems. By sharing our emotions with a partner who understands us, we can gain insight into our problems and find a way to solve them.

Also, emotional support in a marriage can help us grow as a person. Through the support of a partner, we can feel safer to take risks and grow as a person. Through the support of a loved one, we can also boost our self-confidence and feel more confident.

In short, a marriage can be a safe haven where we can find emotional support and understanding, especially during difficult times. This allows us to support and understand each other, solve our problems and grow as a person.

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What is your reason for getting married?

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