30 beautiful wedding bouquet examples + tips & inspiration

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30 beautiful wedding bouquet examples + tips & inspiration

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The Wedding Bouquet

The Wedding Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is an important element of the wedding. Together with the bride, the bouquet is the centre of attention. Want to know more about different types of wedding bouquets and where to buy them? Then read on.

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Bridal bouquet in vase
Bridal bouquet in vase

Where do you buy bridal bouquets?

A bridal bouquet can be bought from a florist in shop or online. It is wise to pick a florist early to make sure they can deliver on your important day. Sometimes you are unlucky and your florist does not sell the flowers you like. You are then forced to keep looking for a florist who can fulfil your wishes.

 what does a bridal bouquet cost?
 what does a bridal bouquet cost

The price of a wedding bouquet

The cost of a bridal bouquet varies widely. The price is determined according to the following factors:

  • The size of the bouquet. A small wedding bouquet is cheaper than a large one.
  • Flower species. A bouquet with only tulips or roses is cheaper than a field bouquet. In addition, some flower types are simply more expensive. For instance, lilies and orchids are more expensive than chrysanthemums and gerberas.
  • The seal of approval. Hallmarked shops charge more for their bouquets than shops without a hallmark. This does not mean that shops with hallmark are necessarily better. Always check the florist's reviews before ordering your bridal bouquet.
  • Craftsmanship. Does this florist create a simple bouquet, or does it also offer special craftsmanship? Think of designing drop or Biedermeier bouquets.

The price of a bridal bouquet is between 60 and 150 euros.

summer wedding bouquet

The different types of wedding bouquets

Wedding bouquets come in different shapes and sizes. We take you through the 4 most popular bouquets.

The Biedermeier bouquet

The Biedermeier wedding bouquet is a classic bouquet in the shape of a tight sphere. This bouquet is known as the official wedding bouquet.

The drop bouquet and waterval bouquet

The drop bouquet and the waterval bouquet run downwards. At the top, the bouquet is tightly tied, after which the flowers fall down in a pointed tip.

The Picking Bouquet

A picking bouquet is a bouquet of loosely bound flowers. The flowers are not tied tightly together and have different heights. The picking bouquet is casual and modern and suits an outdoor wedding well.

Bridal bouquet of flowers and dried flowers

We see dried flowers more and more often. We see them as corsage both as a bridal bouquet. Dried flowers are a lot lighter and do not wilt. However, they are more expensive than normal flowers but they are certainly unique.

Matching with decoration

The flower types and colours from a wedding bouquet are often matched with the decoration and corsages at the wedding. Of course, this is not obligatory, but it can complete the picture. You can do this subtly by placing the same flowers in vases on the table or in the groom's corsage.

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Traditions and customs

Wearing a wedding bouquet is an ancient tradition that dates back to the time of the Greeks and Romans. Want to know more about the underlying meanings and traditions of bridal bouquets? Read the fun facts about the bridal bouquet below.

Herbs and cereals

The bridal bouquet did not always consist of beautiful, bright flowers. The Romans composed a bouquet from herbs and spices with strong scents. This scent would chase away evil spirits, ensuring a prosperous future for the bride and groom. Grains were also added to the bouquet. This represented life (after death) and fertility. Do you love history? Then go for an old-fashioned herb bouquet too. Grains and herbs are an excellent match for a dried or field bouquet.

A Gift from the groom

Composing a wedding bouquet was originally the job of the groom. The bouquet was gifted to the bride just before the ceremony took place. This is not only a nice gift, but also takes some care out of the bride's hands. So a nice tradition to keep in it!

Flower types and their meanings

All flower types come with symbolic meanings. Do you like this? Then you can take this into account when composing the bouquet. For example, avoid the Narcissus. This flower stands for vanity and selfishness. The Columbine, which stands for unreliability, is also not conducive to a good marriage. Fortunately, there are also many flowers with beautiful meanings. For instance, the orchid stands for beauty and the freesia for unconditional love. Click here for a comprehensive overview of flowers with their meanings.

Bride with flowers

The Symbolism of flower colours

Flower colours also carry symbolic meaning. For instance, it is better to avoid purple in your wedding bouquet: this colour stands for raw and sad. Better colours for your wedding bouquet are white or red. These colours stand for love, freshness, passion and purity and are therefore perfect for a bridal bouquet. If you prefer a different colour in your bouquet, this is of course no problem! This colour theory is all about symbolism and tradition.

wedding bouquet

Throwing the Wedding Bouquet

You have surely seen it once: a horde of women diving en masse on top of the wedding bouquet. This crazy tradition dates back hundreds of years. In it, the bride throws the bouquet backwards into the ballroom. According to belief, the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next bride. Even if you're not superstitious, throwing the bouquet is a fun tradition to keep in it: it's guaranteed to make for great photos!

Drying the Bouquet

There are also many brides who choose to dry the bouquet after the wedding day as a keepsake. In trade terms, this is called flower preparation. This is best done by drying the flowers immediately after the wedding day so that they still look beautiful. To dry the bouquet, hang it on a string in a dry, dark place. Want to make sure this works? Then you can also have the bouquet dried by a professional.

Flower heart

What kind of bridal bouquet are you taking? Let us know in the comments.

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