Dress code: Summer Chic at your wedding

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Summer Chic

Dress code: Summer Chic

The name says it all: at the Dress code 'Summer Chic' you are expected to appear summery and chic at the wedding. Want to know more about this dress code? In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this style.

What is Summer Chic?

Summer Chic is an accessible Dress Code, with plenty of room to contribute your own style. You simply follow the guidelines airy, light, cheerful and soft, with a Chic Touch. So don't run straight to the shop for a new outfit. Most people own dozens of outfits that meet these 'requirements'. Is your chosen outfit too Casual? Use accessories to make your outfit extra summery. Think of a cute scarf, or colourful earrings.

Summer chic for women

A jaunty skirt or dress is quintessentially Summer Chic. Pair the outfit with a pair of cute heels, sandals or classy trainers and voilà; you have put together the perfect Summer Chic outfit. Of course, it is not necessary to wear a dress. If you feel better in trousers, that's a great option too. For example, pair wide, linen trousers with a white shirt, or tight trousers with a typical summer blouse and classic, gold earrings. Wear what suits you!

Summer chic for men

A typical men's outfit in this dress code consists of light tones and loose fabrics. Think of a white blouse paired with beige trousers. On a warm day, shorts also fit within the dress code. In this case, choose smart shorts and combine them with a nice, chic shirt. Finish the outfit with nice accessories. Think of a light scarf, sunglasses or a cool belt.

Outfit inspiration

Photos are one of the most important sources of inspiration when putting together outfits. For example, check out one of the many 'Summer Chic' boards on Pinterest. Type in the search term and see hundreds of examples of great outfits. Of course, it is also possible to get help from an expert. In this case, it is best to visit a clothing shop where the priority is advice and personal attention.

Tune in to the accommodation

Besides taking into account the dress code, match the outfit to the accommodation. A wedding by the sea requires a different choice of clothes than a wedding in the city. Are you hesitating between two outfits? Then decide which outfit fits best based on the accommodation.


Shopping for a new outfit is fun, but not essential. A nice outfit can be put together even without a (big) budget. Look at and compare mood boards with your wardrobe and decide which items match the dress code. Does the chosen outfit not feel Summer or chic enough? Then just buy some (cheap) accessories to complete the outfit.

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