Planning your wedding: This is where you start!

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Planning your wedding: This is where you start!

Reading time 7 Minutes

A bride gracefully descends the stairs in her wedding dress during betrothal.

Planning your wedding: This is where you start!

Congratulations! You are engaged. Time to get started with wedding planning. The big question is: Where do you start? The average wedding day has a long, full programme. This requires a lot of organisation, planning and oversight. Find out more about the plans of your wedding? In this article, we discuss step by step how to plan the perfect wedding.

Planning your wedding step by step

The first steps of the wedding plans is always the trickiest! There is a lot to arrange and it is difficult to decide where to start. With the step-by-step plan below, you'll start in an orderly way with the plans of your wedding.

A man in a suit writes a letter on a piece of paper.

Step 1: Draw up To Do list

With a To Do list, you quickly and easily create an overview of things that need to be taken care of. Spend a few days preparing and updating the list so that it becomes as complete as possible. Voilà! Within a few days you will have an overview of all the chores and appointments that need to be arranged.

A wedding ring sits atop a pink rose.

Step 2: Determine wedding budget

Before picking a venue, the dream dress, wedding suit musicians and accessories, it is wise to set a wedding budget. With a wedding budget, you divide how much you want to spend per category. This way, you avoid spending too much on a wedding location, but no money more about have for appetisers and decoration. Need help drawing up a wedding budget? On the internet you can find many tools that support you in setting a wedding budget.

An Instagram collage featuring the stunning photography of a wedding photographer capturing beautiful moments of brides and grooms.

Step 3: Choose wedding date

Choosing a wedding date is easier said than done. What date do you like, what day can the most people come, is this date suitable for an indoor or outdoor wedding? These are all questions that come into play when deciding on a wedding date. plans of the date.

The most important thing is that you are happy with the date. Many couples choose their anniversary date, or a date with a personal lucky number in it. Next, choose which season you prefer to get married in. Do you opt for summer? Then keep in mind the holiday period and choose a date in May, June or September. Most people are available in these months. Do you prefer to get married in winter? Even then it is wise to take the holiday period into account.

Finally, setting a wedding date also affects your budget. In popular wedding months, some suppliers and locations more expensive. Municipalities also charge extra money For getting married at the weekend.

A group of women start posing with donkeys in a field to plan their wedding.

Step 4: Prepare guest list

Drawing up a guest list is quite a challenge. Do you invite all your acquaintances, or do you go for an intimate wedding party with family and friends? Consult with your partner so that you are on the same page. Both of you make a list of guests, divided into different categories (family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances). This way, you create an overview. After making the list, decide whether the number of guests fits your vision. Did you want an intimate party, but your list is full of 100+ people? Then it's time to delete some names and prioritise. Add and delete until your list meets your needs.

A bride and groom dancing at a wedding reception, captured by a talented wedding photographer. Don't miss this beautiful moment, shared on Instagram!

Step 5: Sending out invitations

Now the To Do list, the budget, the wedding date and guest list has been drawn up, it is time to send out the invitations. Do this as soon as possible so that your guests don't have any other plans have. Of course, it does wedding location currently fixed. Immediately after this, the invitations can be posted. Prefer no postal mail? Many couples opt for digital invitation which can easily be sent via email or social media.

    A bride in wedding dress holding a bouquet, captured by a talented wedding photographer and shared on Instagram.

Scheduling appointments

After going through the first steps, it is time to schedule all the appointments. Think about sorting out the wedding dress, choosing the wedding cake, viewing the wedding location and visiting the band that will play during the party. Schedule appointments well in advance! This will prevent a lot of stress and disappointment. Want to know more? Below you can read by supplier How long in advance you need to make an appointment.

A woman in a white dress, starting to plan her wedding, while sitting in the tall grass.

Buying wedding dress and wedding suit

Fitting the wedding dress do so at least 10 months in advance. The dress is ordered and has a long delivery time. Also, altering the dress takes time. By buying the dress on time, you avoid that your dream dress is no longer available. Want even more certainty? It is no exception to schedule a first fitting a year in advance. plans. This gives you ample time to book several bridal boutiques and try on different dresses.

A man, dressed in a blue suit, poses confidently in a warehouse for an Instagram-worthy photo shoot captured by a talented wedding photographer.

Picking a wedding suit

For the wedding suit, simply put, the same applies. The suit is ordered and possibly altered. So visit a shop in time and order the suit at least 7 months before the wedding.

A bride and groom leaving a building while confetti is thrown at them, captured by a talented wedding photographer and shared on Instagram.

Choosing a wedding venue

The wedding location Book at least 10 months before you wedding day dawns. Don't wait too long! Before you know it, your chosen venue will be fully booked and that would of course be a shame.

A bride is photographed in front of a willow before her wedding and captures the beautiful moment on Instagram.
A bride with bridal hairstyles in a beautiful wedding dress and flowers in her hair.

Book wedding photographer

A wedding photographer book as soon as possible! Especially in the popular wedding months, well-known wedding photographers are quickly fully booked. So make an appointment as soon as possible and avoid a lot of hassle.

A woman holding a tray of fried food in a photobooth during a wedding.
A woman holding a tray with a dessert on it during a wedding.

Arrange catering

Many wedding venues offer catering. In this case, you don't need to arrange anything. Are you holding the wedding on your own property, or in the countryside? Then book a catering company as soon as possible. Plan this at least six months before the wedding so that you have a choice of companies and menus.

A Wedding Bouquet fountain in a garden.


How early you get started on decorations depends on your wishes. Do you like to arrange this yourself? Then start preparing at least two months in advance to avoid stress. Do you prefer to use the skills of a decorator? Then make an appointment at least 6 months before your wedding to discuss all options.

A woman starting to plan her wedding while having her hair done in front of the mirror.

Hair and make-up

Plan your hairdresser and make-up artist appointments on time too. Do this at least 2 months in advance to be guaranteed a place. Take care of your her and make-up? Then make sure you have all the necessary stuff a month in advance and start practising different styles on time.

A bride with a wedding bouquet.

Ordering a bridal bouquet

It also bridal bouquet order on time. You do this to make sure the florist can deliver on your day. You also check whether your florist can deliver the flowers sells that you like. Is this not the case? Then you still have time to keep looking for another florist. A bridal bouquet Order at least 2 months before your big day.

A wedding cake wedding cake on the table.

Picking a wedding cake

A wedding cake order at least five months in advance. Creating a wedding cake costs a pastry chef a lot of time. By ordering on time, you can be sure that the cake can be delivered on your day.

A woman, acting as master of ceremonies, sticks pink ribbon on a black car.

Wedding planner

As you have read, planning your wedding takes quite some time. Don't worry: Follow the step-by-step plan and make time in your diary and you'll be fine! Remember: Good wedding planning is half the battle! Don't feel like making arrangements? Then use the services of a Wedding Planner. This professional knows all about the plans of weddings and creates for you the most beautiful day of your life.

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